Comment of the Week – 2.8.2014

Who wins the Salty medal this week?
Who wins the Salty medal this week?

Even if you missed the official groundhog-shadow ceremony, many of us have seen the forecasted six more weeks of winter because it’s right outside – even in the south!  Blizzards, ice and sub-zero temps have continued to sweep across the nation.  It is definitely still winter. Kudos to those still able to keep their runs outdoors!  Me?  I’m a reluctant treadmill devotee until the thaw (or at least until temperatures rise about zero)!

Around these parts, it’s also time for our Comment of the Week award – and we had a difficult decision as there were amazing ones to choose from.  To see who takes home the Olympic medal prize this week, follow the break.This week, we appreciated Erin’s comment on The Sexy Runner Lolo Debacle post.  She said:

Lolo is definitely a media darling, but she is an amazing athlete and deserves that spot on the bobsled team.  She would have won that gold in the hurdles if it wasn’t for her spinal injury–I am sure.  Lolo is the real thing.  She knows the meaning of hard work and doesn’t let up.  I know those other ladies are also brilliant athletes, but the numbers don’t lie and Lolo seems to have what it takes to bring a medal home this February.  Go USA!

Comment of the Week winner Erin
Comment of the Week winner Erin

When we reached out to Erin to let her know she had won, here is what she had to say:

My name is Erin and live in Houston, Texas.  I am an aspiring author. I write Young Adult Fantasy.  I also love to quilt and sew.   Most importantly, I am the mother of five children. The youngest just had his first birthday this week! I have been a runner practically my whole life, but really picked it up again while dealing with postpartum depression.  I needed a goal to look forward to, normally I’d begin writing a new book, but I really needed something that took me out of the house and forced me to be with people.  Luckily I found my running club and my new best friends.  Together we have trained for a marathon.  It will be my first and it takes place in less than a month.

Thank you for your comment, Erin, and good luck on your marathon next month.

Wherever you run this weekend, stay safe and warm!

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