Comment of the Week – 2.22.2014

Did your comment take the prize?
Did your comment take the prize?

Since the Winter Olympics in Sochi are coming to an end, I’ve decided that it is officially time for summer.  Or spring, at least.  Winter sports: done.  Summer sports: bring it on! It actually felt like spring for a day or two in North Dakota – I actually got to run outside when the temps skyrocketed (okay, they hit the 30’s).  There is some hope on the horizon!

In Salty news, it’s time for the comment of the week!  Who wins this week?This week the winner is Robyn who commented on Cinnamon’s “How to Blow Your Nose While Running” AKA “the snot rocket post.”

The secret to the perfect snot rocket is: Commit. Give it your all, or it  will end disastrously. Oh, and be sure to gauge the wind speed and  direction before you blow.

I am a snot rocket afficionado. When I broke my arm last year and met with the hand therapist for the first time, she asked me what my rehab  goals were. I told her things like riding a bicycle and lifting weights, but what I really wanted to say (and, I think, did once I got to know  her), was “Ambidextrous snot rockets!”

Still working on the perfect snot-rocket-on-a-bike.

We loved Robyn’s sense of humor – and maybe she should teach a course on the perfect snot rocket form!

As always, thank you to all of our readers.  You make what we do here at Salty Running worth it.

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