Comment of the Week – 8.24.12

This is what we Salties do when we read your awesome comments!

Another Salty week in the hopper. Is it just me or is time flying by lately? It wouldn’t be a big deal except it means I’m going to be going into labor and delivering another human being into this world in the blink of an eye and have no where for the bambino to sleep and would worry I’d lose the poor baby among the kids’ toys that currently clutter every corner of my home and I need to clean the carpets and organize the closets and the cabinets and … Oops. Sorry about that! I’m not freaking out or anything, I swear!

Ah yes, but the end of another Salty week means it’s time to unveil this week’s COTW. As always we had great choices and we were actually fighting voraciously amongst ourselves between two super awesome comments but in the end the winner was obvious. Ready to see who won that death match?

Heidi from the ‘Nati! Heidi’s comment on Mint’s, Mental Toughness: Why You Need it Now was everything a COTW is made of:

Great Advice, Mint.
I tell my girlfriends to always count themselves in! Some of them are so quick to count themselves out. They get discouraged and talk themselves out of achieving their goals. What has held back some of my friends from reaching their potential, is not their fear of failure, but their fear of success. Sometimes I wonder if society’s way of discouraging girls/women from being confident has something to do with that. When I was young, it never occurred to me that I shouldn’t be able to do something. I know I am an exception, so I pass on my way of thinking to my athletic friends. We all have potential.

My motto has always been, “The greater the odds, the harder I fight!” – the mentally unbreakable one, Heidi from the Nati.

It’s fitting that Heidi is here to discuss pushing past societies boundaries. In high school, Heidi defied everyone’s expectations by making the football team. And what’s even more cool is that Heidi still plays football 20 years later. And not just for fun, she’s a pro playing for the Cincinnati Sizzle professional women’s football team! Wowza! When she’s not sprinting her 40’s and tackling dummies and other people (!), she’s a doctor (!),whose married to another doctor (!), has run several marathons and most recently tackled the Tough Mudder. She is one inspiring lady – now and always! (I went to high school with her and her tough as nails attitude helped me run WAY better in track than I ever would have without her as my teammate!)

Thank you so much Heidi for your insight, always awesome comments and incredibly inspiring story. I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we have a post centered around you!


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  1. Awesome! What I love most about COTW is hearing more about our fabulous readers. Way to go for your attitude Heidi – which no doubt led you to all achievements Salty listed above!