Comment of the Week – 8.17.12

This is what we Salties do when we read your awesome comments!

It’s Friday afternoon and that means it’s Comment of the Week time here at Salty Running. It’s been a rather interesting week in our comments. If you’ve happened to follow along with the comments on our Girls Guide to LetsRun post you might be wondering if we’d make our new pet Letsrun troll, Domitian our commenter of the week. Did we or didn’t we? Find out after the jump!

Our favorite troll might be quite the ladies man (at least in his mind) and one to quickly remind us ladies of our larger brains (why again?), but despite it all and the much amusement we’ve all enjoyed trying to decipher his self-involved rants, there were many many many more worthy comments. Most worthy of all was this one from Leah, our Commenter of the Week! Leah commented on Paprika’s Twenty-Something post:

Fellow twenty-something runner here! My situation is a little different from yours in that I’m not in grad school, but I work full-time, volunteer, and am the resident curator of a historic property with my husband and have a hard time finding balance.

I’m new to running in general– only about a year in!– but I’ve improved so much so quickly that I try to focus on my progress and reaching new goals rather than trying to stress too much about the way of getting there. Because I’m not going for time or anything impressive, I can be a little more relaxed with my training and have really focused on learning what my body can and can’t handle. As a newbie-athlete, this is very foreign to me! Being kind to yourself while being firm has been the best way for me to do that.

We love that Leah shared her difficulties finding balance, but never ceases to apply the lessons she learns from trying to fit in her training to the rest of her life. Woo Leah!

When Leah isn’t authoring awesome comments on our site she’s enjoying a good run with her firefighter/marathoner husband around their North Boston historic home. She’s 26 and will be racing two half marathons this fall and is doing her first sprint triathlon this Sunday! GO LEAH!

Leah showing off some hardware. Here’s to lots more in 2012!

You can follow along with Leah’s training through her Daily Mile or Twitter (@MissLeah26) accounts and of course her blog! Thanks, Leah


Salty Running boss and mother of 3 little ones with PRs of 3:10:15 (26.2), 1:25:59 (13.1) and 18:15 (5k). I love to write about running culture, mental training, and fitting in a serious running habit with the rest of a busy life.

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  1. Yaaaaay! Thank you, thank you! I’m honored. Quick note: you’ll find me on Twitter as @missleah26… I can’t take responsibility for what the other Leah may say (looks like not much, actually)! Thanks again! 🙂

  2. Salty, other SR gurus, it was entertaining when LR censored your recent thread over there about the adoption of what you call your “new pet troll Tiberius.” Into the Google bit-bucket with it!

    This illustrates exactly what the LR readership finds frustrating. On the one hand, the LR anonymity and text-based message boards encourage rapid and free commentary but on the other, the threads are nuked with regularity by the censorious and hypocritical moderators. Their worst nightmare is Tiberius mastering their college-age daughters and – their ultimate nightmare – the girls loving it. Their fear really shows…their phobia/control complex reveals their regressive thinking, in so many other ways. For example I confront them with my relations with National Merit Scholar girls/swimmer champs and they foam with fear.

    Many LR readers have enjoyed Tiberian wisdom, although if anyone even states that he/she enjoys Tiberian contributions, it attracts the censors. Their fear is palpable:

    If Tiberius were as much of a troll as some like to claim, it wouldn’t be worth responding to or commenting on him…much less proposing he could be Commenter of the Week.

    BTW, Tiberius has had numerous bulletin-board/forum lives – not just LR – and in every case, the Tiberian threads were among the most highly-trafficked and read threads. Many people – including my TiGerGirRLs – have asked if I would write a book about piratical sexual adventures at Tiberian College and over the net. I can’t do that yet – need to preserve a measure of anonymity at Tib Col, but it would be fun one day.

    As for the veracity of Tiberian claims, any girl who’s ever seen Tiberius’ Inbox is in no doubt whatsoever about the reality. I occasionally post anonymized excerpts from my contacts’ notes and it’s fascinating to see how utterly shocking some LR stalwarts find their content (yes, women athletes want sex, like to be dominated, want to find a real man, are willing to meet me for a wild adventure at first date, etc. etc.) These are things that you’d expect most advanced humans know. But not acceptable on LR.

    No indeed. I prefer to think of the “trolls” as the censors of LR and the censorious moral-minority that supports the hypocrisies and repressive social environment. Tiberius wields the sword of truth, under the cloak of anonymity.

    Hey… you’re forgetting something else. You’re females… which means…you can be my pets. I can’t be yours. That doesn’t maintain the correct dominant symmetry 🙂