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This is what the Salties do when we read your awesome comments!

Ginger, here! I’m bringing you all our comment of the week while Salty and Cinnamon are spending quality family time in the Happy Valley! So, to cut to the chase, this week’s comment of the week belongs to…drum roll…more drum roll…

Well, this week is special. We now have a two-time winner of Comment of the Week! Debra’s comment on Mint’s post about donating blood was so insightful and informative that we Salties just couldn’t say no to having her recognized again! Behold, her awesome comment:

I am a very avid blood donor. I also organized blood drives at my work and was the coordinator here for about 6 years until that duty was transferred last year (not my choice). I have donated for so many different organizations that I do not know how much I have donated but I would guess 5-7 gallons.

I’m also registered with the Bone Marrow Donation program. Please know that the Bone Marrow Registry particularly needs People of Color as donors.

A few years ago I realized that my blood donations were really hampering my ability to workout not for a few days but for about 2 weeks but I still wanted to donate. The next time I was in the office, I asked about a poster which said “Making the most of your Donations” or something to that effect and listed the blood types with how many lives you can save. I asked them to explain the poster and they said that depending on your blood type, they might prefer to have blood platelets. I’m A+ so they would prefer that I donate blood platelets up to 20 times a year. It turns out that while I have chronically low iron (I always have to prep for a donation), I have relatively high platelet counts. I have donated about 40-45 blood platelet double-units since then including 20 double donations in 2010 which I set as one of my personal goals for the year. A platelet donation takes considerably longer (for me to donate a double takes between 65-100 minutes) than a blood donation and there can be some strange side effects including becoming very cold or feeling a twitch in eyelids, lips, nose. The twitch indicates a need for calcium for which the attendants will give you Tums to chew and they will give you a blanket/electric blanket. The good news is that I generally recover from a platelet donation overnight. I have frequently donated on a Monday afternoon and done a Tuesday morning run.

Many workplaces will give you time off for a blood donation. And some blood centers have incentive programs for repeat donors.

And let’s not forget the free cookies (or trail mix or raisins)!

Thanks Debra for the great feedback. In the meantime, we thought we’d catch up with our friend and loyal Salty follower! If you missed Debra’s bio from before, you can check it out here. These days, Debra wants to see some improvements in her running and fitness so she has signed up with a coach who is helping her to work on strength training, core strength, and ensuring that every run has a clear purpose.  She took the day off from training on Thursday to donate another double-unit of blood platelets and got a pint of Blue Bell ice cream as a reward.  Running and fundraising for Team Livestrong lets Debra combine some of her interests and this year she is offering hand-made hats as incentives for a tax-deductible donation to Livestrong.  You can find out details about the hats and donating at CraftSTRONG. A new addition was also welcomed to the family!

As the family’s main photographer, she can’t find a good picture of herself, but here’s a picture of one of her family’s new puppies. Meet Luke Groundwalker.

Thanks again Debra! You are a true lifesaver!

I write about mindfulness, mental health, and the professional sport of running with the occasional poking fun at the sport. When I am not running, I'm either helping people as a counselor or trying to make them laugh as an amateur open mic comedian.

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