Comment of the Week 4.28.13

It’s that time again, folks!  You know, that time when we honor the greatest Salty reader in this week’s commentary history…

Who wins the badge this week?
Who wins the badge this week?

As always, read on after the jump to find out who won this week’s title!  This week there’s even a special surprise inside!

But first, the roundup:

We began the week with Clove’s Training and Fertility Treatment Log: Week 1, Cycle Three, in which she continues fertility treatments, but, with good reason, can barely focus on that after Boston.

Next up, Espresso hit a home run with a riveting, well-researched editorial aimed at answering the question, Is Running Bad For You?

Salty continued her postpartum updates with Weeks 19 and 20, in which she tackles feelings of insignificance in the face of the Boston Bombings, sleep deprivation and extensor tendonitis. Being a mom can be tough, but it’s oh-so rewarding too!

In our latest from the “Ask a Salty” column, Vanilla goes over what goes under…under your clothes, that is.  Do you wear Running Underwear under there?  Under where?  (Hehe.)

Sometimes when you get serious about your running you can start to seem…well…a little crazy, even to other runners. Is it Commitment or Compulsion? In this incredibly informative post, Ginkgo shares her firsthand knowledge about The Signs of Exercise Addiction.

Cilantro‘s goal marathon is coming up, but last weekend she had a 24 miler on tap, so she decided to tune up with the Salt Lake Marathon as a training run.  And oh boy, was there a lot of yellow and blue there. Running for Boston: A Salt Lake Marathon Race Recap

Remember the Women’s Running Bracket? YOU picked a winner!  Guess who won the title of The Greatest Woman Runner of All Time?

And finally this week we left you with another installment of our Friday 5.  This week, Cinnamon (hey, that’s me!) finally found the perfect pop-culture trainwreck to bring a smile to your face: 5 Running Lessons From the Insane Sorority Girl Email

And now…our lucky winner!  This week’s Commenter of the Week is….Salty Reader ELLIE, for her nifty comment on Espresso’s post, “Is Running Bad for You?”  Here’s what she had to say:

Yes, people die from running.  However, far far more people in this country die each day from diseases stemming from a sedentary lifestyle.  I am much less concerned for the health of my knee cartilage than for my heart, muscle tone, energy level, mental health, lung power, community and connection between what I eat and how I feel.  Of course some people will die running.  Some people will die walking up their stairs, or even sitting on the couch.  I think people like to feel better about making bad choices, so they use their knees or the occasional high-profile runner death to excuse their bad habits.  I firmly believe that I am healthier and will live a longer, more comfortable life due to running.

We unfortunately couldn’t reach Ellie for a reaction, but man-oh-man, we just loved what she had to say and couldn’t agree more.  To be fair, we’re pretty biased though.Since we didn’t hear back from her, I’m going to do some speculation for your entertainment about just which Ellie this might have been:

Was she a “Fit Fashionista” from, where you can pay $50 a month for a two items of workout clothing each month?  I linked the “How It Works” page because the “About” page was quite vague about what their company actually is.  I guess it’s just a clothing company?  I gotta love their disclaimer at the bottom of the home page that explains their clothes are not made from Lululemon’s fabric (I actually laughed out loud), but seriously, who needs two new items of workout clothes every single month?Was she pop star (and runner!) Ellie Goulding, who happened to run the Nike Women’s Half this weekend?  (OMG check out the title of this lame piece of “journalism“–the writer appears to not know the difference between a half marathon and a marathon.)Was she Ellie Greenwood, Ultrarunning Magazine’s female ultrarunner of the year?  I am linking to a whole bunch of her posts in this sentence because I would like her to know we exist and we like her.  They’re all good reads–check ’em out!

Anyway, whether it was one of those lovely ladies or someone new, we were just so happy to read that awesome comment that we absolutely had to share it with you.  Ellie, if you’re out there and you read this, great job!  Please hit us up in the comments with a little about yourself and what you’re up to! And thanks to all of you for being a part of our community!

Cinnamon made Salty Running, takes lots of pictures and drinks lots of coffee. She has 8 more minutes to knock off her marathon for a 3:40 BQ, and will get there or die trying. Her writing is an eclectic mix of finding wholeness as an average runner, news reporting, curious reactions, satirical humor and more.

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