Comment of the Week – 1.11.13

This what we Salties do when we read your awesome comments!

Woo! That was a nice break for the holidays. But now it’s time to get back to the regularly scheduled program. And that we did!

Rosemary told you why you NEED a running resume. Have you written yours yet? If not, no worries. We’ll be back soon with a tutorial and samples!

Clove shared her 2013 plans: 100 mile PR and battling infertility.

Mint introduced us to athletic phenom, Winter Vinecki.

Cinnamon sang the praises of her thunder thighs.

Salty, oh wait, that’s me! I shared my fears about articulating my big goals and implored us all to dream big and not be embarrassed about it.

Cilantro invited you to add sports massage to your recovery routine.

Coriander shared her love of winter trail running, while Ginkgo picked our brains in search of some non-running activities to add to her training.

Of course, this morning, Licorice advised us to keep a few things to ourselves so we don’t scare the newbies.

And that brings us to now, which means it’s time to reveal our Comment of the Week!

Michelle, who left this gem on my Dream Big post:

This topic has been an ongoing thread of discussion with my group of sole sisters.  I have no greater ambitions than what I know that I am physically capable of performing.  I would love to break 3:30 on the marathon, I would love to break 1:34 in the half, and I would love to go sub 20 in the 5K.  I think these are realistic for me and the amount of time I can dedicate to my training.

I have to be honest with you though.  I cannot fully agree with  “mother runners” who want to go for the OTQ, or other greater goals that are somewhat “elite” in my mind.  I speak from personal experience in terms of the time I have to dedicate to my running goals and my goals are no where near being termed “elite”.  I think that when you speak of training for an OTQ, you are talking double workouts and logging at least 100 miles a week.  Something will be sacrificed.  Whether it be your health, your family, or your sanity.  I know there are elite mother runner’s out there (Kara Goucher for example) who balance life’s responsibilities well.  But, training is her full time job.  

I am not against this goal of your’s or other’s for that matter.  I completely agree that it is very important to have personal goals, desires, and passions.  I think in the bigger picture, if you, or someone else is going to go for the OTQ (and is a mother), your significant other must be on board.  My husband is supportive, to an extent.  He believes in my passion of running.  However, I do know that he does not appreciate me being gone for three or four hours on Saturday or Sunday during my long runs or on a school night for two hours if I am at the track or running hill repeats.  

I think as a collective group of runners, mother runners, etc., it is very important to support one another.  I think you can be ballsy and dream big.  But, you also have to take into consideration how it will affect your family and if your hubby will be on board.

We love this comment because while we all didn’t agree with everything she said, Michelle didn’t hold back and got us all thinking. When we told her about her big win, this is what she had to say:

Michelle and her big BQ!

Really?? Thank you:).  I am not a pot stirrer, but trying to balance training with everything else in my life has been weighing on me a lot lately.  

I run for many reasons, but most importantly it helps me maintain a healthy balance in my life. My passion for running pours out into every facet of my life because it has taught me about strength, dedication, focus, and desire. 
My non-running life in one word is BUSY.  I work full time as an 8th grade science teacher (which I LOVE).  My most important job though, is being a mom to my four kids, all under the age of 6 (with a set of twins in there). They keep me on my toes and then some.   
I was a sprinter on the track team in high school, but didn’t really get into running more than a mile until after I graduated from college.  I was your average road racer, nothing special.  I didn’t really start getting serious about training, racing, and goal setting until a year after the birth of my twins.  I qualified for Boston last May in Cleveland (which I never thought I would be able to do) and I will start training for that in a week.  Going to Boston is a dream come true for me, so I am super pumped about this year!!!  Beyond Boston, I have a target on the back of a sub 20 5K and I hope to complete a 50K some time this year.  
Good luck in Boston, baby! And thanks for ALL your great comments!!!

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