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COTM BadgeIt’s mid-November already, which means it’s about time for an October recap.  That’s how on top of things I am.  And because we have at least three months to talk about the weather, I’ll refrain from any weather-related commentary for now.

Except for one: Snow already?  Really?

October was a busy racing month for the spice rack, with a lot of race reports to read.  With great posts come great comments, and we had a lot to choose from.  But we had to choose, and the October Comment of the Month winner is…Lisa, who commented on Basil’s post: How to Keep Spirits High When V02 Max Max Tanks.

Thank you for this post. As a newbie runner (an overweight one at that), I have been beating myself up for not being able to be faster, that I’m not losing weight, etc, etc, etc. Your post has reminded me I need to look at the positives. 
I’m running. RUNNING! I’m not losing weight, but I’m rapidly losing inches. And I have had no injuries yet, despite the fact this fat body is taking a pounding. Looking at the positives makes me feel so much better already. I must tell myself, “Patience, Grasshoppah”. 
I love this blog. While I will never be elite runners such as the Salties who post here, I feel I’m not the only one who may have a crappy run, that it happens to the best of us as well. 
Basil, I hope you have a quick recovery and that you rebound to be better than ever in preparation for Boston.
When we let Lisa know she had won and asked her to tell us a little more about herself, here is what she had to say:

My name is Lisa, and I’m a fat chick who runs.Lisa's first 5k!!


Turtle pace. 

I’m 50 years old (gasp) and over 200 pounds. Yikes. I’ve always been overweight and there was a time when I was in top physical shape, losing 80 pounds by long distance cycling and endless hours at the gym. Life was good.

Fast forward 15 years, and those 80 pounds have crept back into my life, due to nerve damaged hands no longer allowing me to ride and a deep depression since the sudden death of my Mother a few years before. 

I knew I had to do something to lose the weight, but what? I was tired of my breasts trying to smother me in my sleep, and trying to fit pants over a backside (AKA The Big Boo-Tay) which resided in another zip code.

I considered running – I ran on a treadmill periodically as cross training for cycling, but just couldn’t stick with it. I did belly dance. Actually I’ve been belly dancing for 6 years now, which gives me confidence and acceptance of my size, which I think is important for those who are worried about what they look like while running. Oh, and good running posture *wink wink Cinnamon*…

I started reading up on running, and found this phrase several times: “Overweight runners should consider dropping weight before beginning a running program.” Huh. Okay. And then I stumbled across the Salty Running blog, specifically Guest Blogger Joy’s excellent post from 8/30/12 about plus sized runners, and the light flickered to life. I can’t wait until I lose a few pounds to begin a running program – I have to start NOW. I’ve tried C25K programs in the past, but couldn’t stick with it. I knew had to bring back the mantra I’d used from the cycling days, as I inched my way up a mountain, The Big Boo-Tay protesting about having to spend hours balanced on a tiny seat: “I will NOT let this bike beat me”. Since there’s no equipment to blame in running, I’ve shifted that mantra to “I will NOT let my MIND beat me”. I can do this, it won’t be easy, but I will kick my own ass in my road to a healthier life. I have been awakened. 

With the helpful words of inspirational blogs such as Salty Running, awesome staff at running stores here in Indiana and a running friend, I began my running journey in June of this year. I’ve not told many people about my running, for I want positive people in my court, not the naysayers who look me up and down and say “You?? Run?? Yeah, riiiight”. I have never met such a wonderful supportive group of people as I have in the running community. I’m home.   I ran my first 5k race at the beginning of November, did better than I thought I would, even though it was still a snail’s pace, and have two more 5k races scheduled through the end of the year. And, I have promised myself to run a 5k race a month for 2015. The journey is bumpy, and I, of course, want to do it all and NOW, but have to realize this will be a lifelong journey. I love the freedom of being outdoors, and watching my body become more supportive of what I want out of life. I no longer have the fear of being smothered in my sleep, and The Big Boo-Tay is merely the next street over, rather than a different zip code. I got this!

My name is Lisa, and I’m an ecstatic plus sized runner.

We love Lisa’s attitude – and it is a great reminder that progress isn’t linear.

Ultrarunner, yoga teacher, academic, and feminist. I write about ultrarunning, feminism, and the intersection of running and life.

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  1. This is why I love the sport of running – it is for all of us and all are welcome. As a middle of the pack runner I may be in awe of those at the front, but it is the people at the back that I admire immensely. The fact is, whatever speed we go, we are all working hard to achieve personal goals and improve our lives. Congratulations Lisa on setting some great goals and joining the crazy, wonderful world of running!

  2. What a legend you are Lisa! Of all the great things I’ve read on here this is one of the most impressive. So much so it prompted a first time comment from me.

  3. It’s Miss Big Boo-Tay here. Thanks to Everyone for your kind words and advice. This is such great motivation for me. And yes, I second Garlic’s recommendation that Kristie should be the comment for November!