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COTW-badge2Oh my, dear Salties, the season is upon us, when the weather is getting warmer and that means our schedules are slammed! The lovely part of being so busy lately was that I got to spend the last few days in Northeast Ohio with my dear sister, Salty, and we both killed it at the Cleveland 10 Miler last Saturday!  The hard part is that some of our Salty Running duties have taken a little slide, and we’ve been remiss in posting Comment of the Week.

Rather than making excuses though, I’ll get right down to it.  Recently we had a fantastic comment on Eucalyptus’ post, “A Case of the DNFs,” that absolutely deserves our attention!  The amazing, incredible, marvelous author of this comment was…SARAH P. from the awesome blog, Picky Runner!   Sarah’s blog was a nominee in this year’s Salty Running Greatest Women’s Running Blog Tournament, and we just loved her encouraging and supportive words for her real-life teammate, Eucalyptus!

I know we’ve talked about it so many times before but you grow stronger with each DNF. It’s a learning experience and even though coach is sometimes not the most supportive man in the world, he does care. The negative self talk is very real. I believe it’s what made last year’s track season so unsuccessful for me. As soon as I realized who I am as a person and as a runner along with what I’m capable of, I started improving again. I know you’re going to take control of your mind and of the track this weekend and pull off a successful 5k. And even if it doesn’t go the way you hope, you still have my support.

When we told Sarah that she had earned the highest honor any single woman can win, she had this to say:

The amazing Picky Runner, Sarah!
The amazing Picky Runner, Sarah!

Thanks so much! Christine told me last night and I could not believe it!

I began running when I was 8 years old with Girls on the Run. My parents were both runners and signed me up because it was a good way to learn important life lessons. I didn’t love running at all at that point and continued on with my competitive swimming career for 15 years, through my sophomore year in college. I dabbled in track and cross country starting at the end of high school to stay in shape for swimming during the off season. My parents weren’t big on me doing the same sport year-round so they always emphasized the importance of balance.

When I moved to Rhode Island after I graduated high school to live on my family’s sailboat, I no longer had access to a pool and I needed to be ready for my freshman year of collegiate swimming. This is where running really picked up for me and I fell in love with it. It gave me a chance to clear my head because I was going through some personal struggles at the time and I was able to calm myself down. I continued running until swim season started and then walked on the track team in the spring to stay in shape for swimming. I started out as a mid-distance runner but my coach realized I was stronger as a distance runner and put me in the 5k where I really excelled.

I raced my first half marathon the following summer, went back to swimming where I suffered from a knee injury that required surgery, and was running again a month later. I was still having knee problems in the pool so I decided to quit swimming and run 3 seasons for my school where I shifted my training to the 10k with Christine. I loved having a training partner that understood me and we pushed each other to be our best without being competitive with each other. Ultimately this led to a string of calf problems for me and I ended up having to quit cross country and track to focus on getting healthy.

Since then, I have been injured on and off but I have developed a new appreciation for running and finding that balance to avoid overtraining. I’m currently training for a bunch of races right now including the Maryland Half Marathon (with Eucalyptus!!), the Heartbreak Hill Runners World Hat Trick (5k, 10k, half marathon), a few smaller half marathons in Rhode Island, and the Zooma Half marathon next fall.

In terms of running goals, I want to continue healing my legs (I have been dealing with compartment syndrome in my calves on and off for a year now) so that I’m hopefully able to complete my first marathon in the fall of 2015. My ultimate goal is to qualify for Boston someday, like many runners, which is a very real possibility if I can make it to the starting line.

If you’d like to learn more about Sarah, we encourage you to check out her blog, or to follow her on Twitter or Pinterest.  You can also send her an email about “literally” anything via her contact page. Let’s see what she had for lunch…


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