Cocoa’s C-section recovery log – week 3

I feel this week was a success. My mom is still here, which helps immensely, and my sister just arrived as well. It helps having all the support at home, plus it’s just fun to have them around.

I had a “successful” return to running this week, with “successful” being defined as: I was able to do it.  In truth, my “running” pace was slower than a fast walking pace, but who cares?? My body was somewhat in the running motion, and that is all that matters to me at this point.

I followed my rules (laid out in a previous post) very strictly this week. I am still sore, but not enough to be needing Tylenol and Motrin (except for before bedtime).  I figured it was okay to “run” as long as running did not hurt more than walking.  And it didn’t, though both are still uncomfortable.

I still cannot lift my legs very well, but the push back (aka hip extension) is more painful than the lift up (aka hip flexion). I think this is because my abdomen is stretched when my legs are extended back, which probably pulls at the scar tissue more?? I am just guessing here as to why that hurts more. I am curious to hear from any Salty readers, especially physical therapists or someone trained similarly, to see why this would be.

My running form is a very short stride, more akin to a shuffle.  I am concentrating hard to be sure to keep proper body mechanics, however small my stride may be.  Every day, I feel exponentially better. It is amazing to see how, with the same effort, my mile pace is getting faster. I never knew how proud I would be of 15 minute mile pace, but it is a lot faster than my first run which was 22 minute mile pace! I’ll take the victory here.

With no further ado, here is my training log for this week.

-Day 1: 30 min bike at gym and ran 1 lap around track. This was my first “run” that was more than 5 seconds!! I made ¼ mile. Pace was slower than walking pace though (22 min mile pace!) I was ecstatic after

Day 2: 40 minute bike

-Day 3: 30 min bike at gym and ran 1 lap around track (20 min mile pace)

-Day 4: 30 minute bike and ran 2 laps at track (20 min mile pace)

-Day 5: 45 minute bike at gym, biked pretty hard

-Day 6: Walked 1 mile warmup. Ran 3 x 1/3 mile loops at my house (so 1 mile) while my husband and dogs walked around. My pace was 15 mins/mile.

-Day 7: Walk 4.5 mile hilly loop around home

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