Clove’s Training and Fertility Treatment Log: Week 1, Cycle 1

Clove about 3 hours after the Rocky Raccoon 100 finish.  Doesn't this make you want to sign up RIGHT NOW?
Clove about 3 hours after the Rocky Raccoon 100 finish. Doesn’t this make you want to sign up RIGHT NOW?

Last week was huge – 110 miles over three runs!!!  Of course, that included the Rocky Raccoon 100.I’m not the best with the training logs, and that’s a hump I really have to get over.  The good news is, I managed to get all of my Burning River 100 training logs on the site, so you can see what it looks like.  But then I fell off of the recovery training logs, which are probably even more amusing because I go from “I ran 40 miles today – I am AWESOME!” to “I gutted out 5 miles today and my legs only felt like marshmallow for 3 of them.”  Ha.

100-mile recovery is a real treat.  There are a blessed few who just spring back into running as if it never happened (hi, DB) – but I am not one of them.  These 100-milers put me down for the count, but I’m okay with that.  I earned my hibernation.

Last week, I ran 100 miles on Saturday.  I limped on Sunday and Monday, started walking on Tuesday and Wednesday.  DB and I tried about 3 miles on Thursday, and they were most comical; we ran a very slow, casual 7 in Cabo with our friend Darrin on Friday.  That brings us up to date.

This week also marks a big change in my training logs in that I’ll be charting my infertility treatments – and their impact on my running – over the next several months.  Again – if you can’t deal with words like “period” or “ovary” or “transvaginal wand” you may want to steer clear.  Fair warned is fair armed …

Saturday, February 9:  Off.  Nothing.  (Ridiculous) travel home from Mexico.  Oh yeah, I take that back.  0.5  mile barefoot sprint through O’Hare Airport, Terminal 1.

Sunday, February 10:  Ridiculously slow, unmotivated 5 miles on very flat path.  I wasn’t going to go at all, but my friend Gwen called and she and her daughter were on their way out for their first-ever 10 mile run, getting ready for the Princess Half Marathon at Disney.  Was so proud of them I hauled my sorry butt out the door.

Monday, February 11:  Two back to back spin classes, but I can’t deny I slacked during the second one.  No spring, no pop, no juice.  Legs no longer sore, but very, very angry.

Tuesday, February 12:  Bravely faced the eight mile morning loop with my neighborhood running group.  Was tired and fatigued by about 5, but managed to gut it out.  Pilates/core class immediately following where we blessedly worked upper body.  Period starts (considered “day 1” of cycle), which means call to the RE (reproductive endocrinologist) to order hormones in quantities that should be reserved for body-builders and get cycle schedule.

A tale of two Cloves.  And so it begins ... again.
A tale of two Cloves. And so it begins … again.

Wednesday, February 13:  Crappy, sluggish eight mile run that becomes a five mile run, followed by a single spin.  I try to convince myself during the spin that I’ll run the last three miles on the treadmill.  I look at the treadmill after the spin and think “I spent three months doing this no matter how much I didn’t want to … I’m going home!”  HA!  Salty readers, meet LAZY Clove.  Blood draw at lab to check ovarian reserves, FSH and TSH.  These are all funky reproductive hormones.  They’re basically making sure my ovaries are still functioning and that I’ve at least got some 37 year old eggs left in there.  Pick up enough drugs to get most women pregnant as Octomom.  And broke as Octomom.

Thursday, February 14:  Supposed to go with the morning run group but decide to sleep in because … I can.  Run the eight mile loop later in the day.  Feel like blocks of cement have taken the place of my legs until about 6 miles in, then feel great.  Shocked to discover I averaged 10 minute miles.  I was certain I was slower.  First shot of cycle, 100 mg of Follistim.  Shots typically start on “day 3” of your cycle, or two days after your period starts.  We have done 3 previous cycles with Follistim; this is the highest dose I have started on.  Follistim is also known in the IF community as “Folli-sting” and “Foll-asleep” as it can sting when going in and is also rumored to cause severe fatigue.  I am out of practice with the shots; it takes me a couple tries to break through that wall of “now I am going to put. the. needle. IN.  MY.  LEG.”  To be honest, Follistim is administered by a device similar to an epi-pen; the needle is very fine and it doesn’t hurt.  It’s more about getting past the mental barrier of doing it, and whether or not it stings.  (It doesn’t always).

You can see the actual needle on the left hand side.  Really not too bad at all.  This pen, however, has lived in the butter dish in our refrigerator for more than two years now.  How we would love to replace it ... with butter.
You can see the actual needle on the left hand side. Really not too bad at all. This pen, however, has lived in the butter dish in our refrigerator for more than two years now. How we would love to replace it … with butter.

Follistim itself is a purified form of FSH, follicle stimulating hormone.  It is non-synthetic, which does make it safer for the body.  While I generate my own FSH, and sometimes even enough, we have two issues:  one, a normal woman produces one egg each month, and clearly that’s not enough for us to get the job done.  Two, I am known for producing crappy, or “non-viable” eggs.  So, we inject me with massive amounts of this stuff so that we can get several follicles generating eggs in a single month, as well as to ensure that the eggs we get are plump and ripe.  You know, good eggs.  Baby-making eggs.

Friday, February 15:  Due to a complete and utter lack of motivation, as well as my mileage already being low for the week and my fears of not being able to tackle even a 10 or 13 mile run with my group tomorrow, I almost opt out.  Again.  I pull it together enough for a casual 5 miler, and – surprise! – it’s the best run I’ve had since the 100.  Still slow, but felt much better.  Not great, but better.  100 mg of Follistim coming at 9 pm tonight.  Too soon for any side effects – and if I’m lucky, I just won’t have them.

Weekly totals:  30 miles, 4 hours of spinning, 200 mgs of Follistim.


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