Clove’s Training Logs: 6.15.2012 and 6.22.2012

An apt representation of Clove of late. Whether a rest week or a peak mileage one, I just can't get enough! Image via

Young Clove has been a bit delinquent with the training logs – too much traveling and running, not enough posting.  The week ending June 15 was my long-awaited rest week, which for me meant (only) 50 miles.  That was the last hurrah before tapering for the Burning River 100; from that rest week I headed into my heaviest training month for the race, a 4-week period that will see a weekly mileage progression of 90, 100, 100 and 90 before the official taper.  Time to hunker down and go to the zombie zone, with the hopes that running exhausted and sore for the next month will help me – you know – run exhausted and sore for 19 or 20 hours next month.

50 miles flat for the week of June 15; 93 for the week of June 22.

Week of June 15

Saturday:  20 road miles at home with my neighborhood road-running group.  Nice to catch up with the roadies – and to get to stop at 20!  Core/Pilates class following.

Sunday:  10 road miles through the OSU campus (scouting parts of the new Columbus Marathon course) with DB and Catherine

Monday:  Two back to back spinning classes

Tuesday:  8 morning road miles followed by core/Pilates class

Wednesday:  8 evening road miles.  Intended to follow it up with a spin class, but this was the night we found Cass in the park, so I tended to his rescue instead.

I still love this little guy ... even if he did make me miss spinning!

Thursday:  OFF  (AWE-SOME!)

Friday:  Very easy 4 miles in Duluth with pace team members; little shake-out before Saturday’s marathon

Week of June 22

This girl ROCKED it! With Megan after pacing her to a third place female finish at the Mohican 100.

Saturday:  49 total miles.  Yes, 49.  Co-paced the 3:35 group at Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth to mile 16, then dropped back to check on other groups.  Flew home to Columbus.  Jumped in the car and drove to the ongoing Mohican 100, where I paced third place female finisher Megan for the last 23 miles of her run through the woods.  Fun, fun night – I actually LOVE running trails in the dark.

Sunday:  Ummm …. OFF.

Monday:  Lots of time with “Thor.”  Bi-weekly massage (a couple of days late) to work out the damage, followed by two a$$-kicking spin classes later that day.  I almost begged for mercy, but since I had helped plan the ridiculous second hour, I had to hold on.

Tuesday:  8 morning road miles followed by core/Pilates class; 5 evening road miles.

Wednesday:  STUPID, brutally hot, spirit-crushing 21 miles.  More like 16, followed by water, Coke and a popsicle, followed by dizziness, followed by sitting down for a bit, followed by finally finishing the last 5.  It was 93 degrees, okay?  93!!!  And even though I took Salty’s advice and bared that stomach, that heat killed.  Which means I need more of it in the next five weeks …

Thursday:  10 morning miles with the neighborhood running group; pleased to see that the recovery from the previous day’s shenanigans was quick.  That’s always a good sign that I’m adapting to the workload.

Friday:  OFF in preparation for pacing at the Western States 100.

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  1. You are amazing! 49 miles including a 3:35 marathon? That is awesome. Looking forward to watching your high mileage month – go get ’em!

    BTW, I had to laugh because I just got up to 50 mpw this week and was feeling a little bad ass about it. Well, until I saw 50 miles is a huge cut-back week for you. 🙂