Clove’s Training Log: 5.25.2012

Clove at work as a pacer in the final stretch of the Ogden Marathon. Image via Zazoosh

Yet another odd week for Clove in the training world.  It started off in Ogden, UT with a gorgeous marathon – in a decaying little industrial city that had me down in the dumps every minute I was there but the run itself.  The actual marathon more than made up for it, with me declaring I would endure the town again for the beauty of the course.  I mean, waterfalls on the course.  Waterfalls, people.

From there, I had earned a reprieve from my second consecutive 100 mile week due to the change in date of my summer 100 miler.  I am still in the process of re-writing my training schedule; I wasn’t entirely happy with it as it stood, so I’m using this opportunity to re-evaluate.  In training for ultra distances, there is a finer line than ever between sheer exhaustion and overtraining, and I have to find it on paper before I execute.  In limbo for the week, I stuck with my maintenance mileage when training for an ultra, with 81 miles for the week.  (In ultra-training, 50 is my stepback week, 80 is my maintenance, 90 is my high and 100 is my peak.)

Saturday:  26.2 miles, Ogden Marathon

Sunday:  OFF  (watched my man in the Cleveland Marathon, and got to hang out with the one and only Salty!)

My hot man (literally and figuratively) after the scorching Cleveland Marathon. Does he look like he's just surrendering?

Monday:  Single spin class (second one was cancelled.  Limbo week, I tell you.  Limbo.)

Tuesday:  Easy 5 miles  (overslept, missed core/Pilates class.  Are we sensing an “off” week here?)

Wednesday:  Hilly but relaxed 21 miles (no spin, the instructor I prefer wasn’t there, time for an attitude adjustment on that)

Fourth midweek 21 down, with an updated tally sheet. Usually done solo, these are wicked heat and mental training combined.

Thursday:  8 hilly morning miles with my neighborhood group; 8 easy evening miles followed by a single spin class

Friday:  8 hilly morning miles with my neighborhood group; 5 easy evening miles

P.S. Did I mention I finally met SALTY?!?!?

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  1. Did I mention I got to meet Clove?! I would like everyone to know that I’m not tall: just 5’4″ to give you some reference. You make me look like I’m 6′!

    PS You’re off week is still bad ass!