Clove’s Training Log: 5.11.2012

It takes real talent to clip the mile 23 marker of a marathon with the toe of your shoe, get airborne, and then go skidding down, all while running a 7:30ish pace.  But Clove’s your girl, and boy did I ever.  I have no choice but to mark that as the highlight of my 90+ mile week.  And to make sure you visualize this properly, you must check out the pictures below and note that I was not only gunning the pace the last 5 miles (read: passing tons of people who were running 3:40 pace because I was just ready to be done), but also wearing what are referred to as “butt shorts” in our household, in addition to my most beloved (and obnoxious) pair of Nike Pegasus’ ever.  So it was truly a ridiculous scene.  Pepper would have been proud.  91 miles for the week.

Stigmata! This is what happens when you're a clumsy dork and you try to run anyway.

Saturday:  Easy 10 miles in Cincinnati, OH/Covington, KY.  Disappointed to see the Flying Pig companion 10K starting as I was trying to figure out where to get 10 miles – I should have signed up!

Sunday:  26.2 miles, Flying Pig Marathon.  Ran it solely as a training run, watch-free.  3:40 group felt good, but once I stopped for a “personal break” around mile 8, I just didn’t feel like catching them.  Ended up gunning the last 5 miles to be done (see above); finished with no soreness (except for my hand) and feeling good around 3:42.

Monday:  Two back to back spinning classes.

Tuesday:  8 morning miles with my neighborhood group followed by core/Pilates class; 5 easy evening miles.

Wednesday:  21 easy but hilly miles, immediately followed by a single spinning class for four solid hours.

The midweek 21 tally. Two down, seven to go. Yikes!

Thursday:  13 very exhausted miles (gee, I wonder why) immediately followed by a single spinning class (where I suddenly felt great.  Wha?!?!)

Friday:  8 extremely easy road miles.

That's right, the tiniest shorts and the most obnoxious shoes I own, all combined into the awesome freak show we call "Clove!" (Too bad you can't see my bloody hand too!)


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