Clove’s Training Log: 2.14.2015 – 2.20.2015

Heh.  For my first 100-mile week in a year, Mother Nature certainly pulled out all the stops.  Sandy snow, sub-zero temperatures and even worse windchills.  What outstanding Badwater training!

Actually, I don’t entirely kid.  I was so profoundly overdressed on two occasions that I was moving like Randy during the snowsuit scene in “A Christmas Story”.  Which says nothing for drenched – soaked, I say! – my first and second layers were.

In more important news, we got a kitten!  After losing our 17 and 16-year old cats over the past two years, this is a happy and special time.  Insert gratuitous kitten photo here?  Okay!

It's a boy!  We named him "Horton," as in "Horton Hears a Who."
It’s a boy! We named him “Horton,” as in “Horton Hears a Who.”

Saturday, February 14:  Happy Valentine’s Day!  I celebrated with a 30 mile run.  I’m inching that mileage up for Umstead, and while I have a steady diet of 21 – 24 milers, it’s important to me that I get in a few 30 – 40 mile runs as well.  I ran the first 90 minutes alone and the remainder with DB.  Averaged 9:19’s and tried not break my teeth on my frozen blocks and Clif SHOTs.  This was also the day that I picked Horton up from the shelter – and then had to keep him calm in the parking lot while we waited out a white-out storm before I could drive home.

Sunday, February 15: 13.5 recovery miles.  6 degrees.  Below zero windchill.  Clothing:  capris under fleece lined track pants.  Smartwool base layer, North Face sub-zero jacket and an old school, cotton hooded sweatshirt over that.  (This really does work.  The first two layers breathe and wick, while the cotton just creates a FURNACE.)  Two pairs of socks, one thin pair under Thorlos.  “Oven mitt” technical gloves, with handwarmers in them, with fuzzy fleece socks over that whole deal.  (I have mild Reynauds, so my hands and feet go quickly).  Unfortunately, my feet just ached from being stuffed in my shoes, so I had to stop at home mid-run to strip off the thinner set of socks.  This is, of course, the day I was moving like Ralphie.  But I got it done.

I had to have been quite a sight.
I had to have been quite a sight.

Monday, February 16:  Normally my day off, but due to travel and a pacing assignment later in the week, I needed to frontload my miles.  9.5 easy miles; DB joined me for some of them.  1 hour spin class later that evening.

Tuesday, February 17:  10 ridiculously cold miles in the morning; 5 miles on the treadmill in the afternoon.  Made up a new treadmill workout during this one.  I went at 1 pm when “Days of our Lives” was on.  (Don’t judge).  Ran maintenance pace during the actual soap opera, and did sprints during the commercials.  I do not like the treadmill but this was the most enjoyable it has been in a long time.

Wednesday, February 18:  I was due for an early morning 21 before my flight to Florida, but due to the STORM I was only able to get 17 miles in.  This is understandable when two inches of snow falls during your run, reducing your pace to 10:30/10:45 as you work your way through what it, essentially, a beach run on sand.  DB and I now have the strongest ankles in the world.  Popped the remaining 4 miles off later that evening after arriving in Florida.

Thursday, February 19:  Easy 6 miles dodging traffic at Disney World.  It was 40 degrees!!!

Friday, February 20: Easy 5 miles with a friend, dodging slightly less traffic at Disney World.  It was down to 34, but I have no complaints.


Weekly Totals:  100(!) challenging miles flat, 1 hour of spinning, daily ab/core work.



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