Clove’s Training Log: 11.30.2012

I broke my sacroiliac! Grandmaster Flash warned me this could happen. Image via

Ye-ouch.  The big news of the week is that I finally succumbed to the lower back pain that’s been bothering me on and off since I started blogging for Salty back in May.  It comes and goes, but after trying everything from stretching to massage to flipping the mattress, etc., I can no longer ignore the fact that things consistently get very ugly past 17 or so miles.  It’s nothing I can’t grit my teeth and run through, but I know it doesn’t have to be this way.

Turns out my sacroiliac joint is locked on the right side, but the pain is radiating across my entire lower back.  I’ve got a few dates with the chiropractor coming up (on recommendation of my personal physician), and if that doesn’t work, we go to dreaded PT.  Still banking the miles though!  I’m one week out from my first peak in this training cycle, and hit a solid 90 for the week.  I actually prefer weird, odd numbers, but since I’m training through a 50K on Saturday and really wanted a full rest day today, I hit it on the nose at 90 and stopped.  So there!

Saturday:  21 hilly road miles after the OSU/Michigan game.  Go Bucks!  Pilates/core class earlier in the day.

Sunday:  21 hilly road miles early afternoon.  Followed by peanut butter toast and hot chocolate as I stared into space.  It had been all I could think about for the last five miles.  It was everything I imagined and more.

Monday:  Two back to back spin classes.  Stacey (spin/core instructor and massage therapist) was on an a$$-kicking mission the second hour.  He succeeded.  I literally just put my head down on my bike when people started stretching at the end.

Tuesday:  7 early morning miles with neighborhood running group followed by Pilates/core class.  Afternoon track workout of 4 x 800 at 3:10 goal pace, 2 minutes rest between repeats.  Repeat splits were:  3:10, 3:07, 3:07, 3:05.  A one mile warm-up and two mile cool-down completed the 5 mile workout.

Wednesday:  21 hilly road miles, mid-week long run, followed immediately by a single spin class.  Followed immediately by a glass of wine while I cooked a carbo-holic FEAST for dinner.

Relaxing with my wine while the pasta boiled and the bread baked. The awesome Animagi jacket had been replaced with a comfy hooded sweatshirt, but the Proud Runner pink skull knee-highs stuck around for dinner.

Thursday:  15 easy miles, final two including some pick-ups.  I didn’t feel GREAT, but I did feel better than on Wednesday’s run, when the final four miles were spent wondering if my a$$ would ever unlock itself.  A good news/bad news side effect of the sacroiliac situation, my butt cheeks were rock hard and locked up.  Sadly, it was a rather painful situation, which took all enjoyment out of having those temporary rock-star glutes.  Kept pace gentle and in check to allow a modicum of recovery before Saturday’s race.  Oh, and a single spin class.  Is it bad when you start forgetting workouts?

Friday:  OFF.  Bigfoot 50K on Saturday.  Not planning to race it, but will give my best effort at a strong, up-tempo training run.  Also first appointment with the chiropractor …

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