Clove’s Training and Fertility Treatment Log: Week 4, Cycle Two

Bread.  It's what's for dinner.  And breakfast, lunch and snacks.  Oh how I worship your carb-loaden goodness.
Bread. It’s what’s for dinner. And breakfast, lunch and snacks. Oh how I worship your carb-loaden goodness.

This particular week started icky, got way better, and then went back down the tubes with a wicked bout of PMS on Friday.  And when I say wicked, I mean wicked.  It was the kind of PMS where you know you’re being a (rhymes with witch), but no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to stop yourself.  And the carbs – oh, the carbs.  When I wasn’t thinking about cheesecake, all I wanted was bread.  Or as I kept telling DB, “just a big hunk of bread!”

On a training note (as if I’ve been doing much for an ultrarunner in the first place), I reduced my activity even more this week which was almost comical.  My period is due to arrive Sunday, and provided that happens or I get a negative pregnancy test, which I’m expecting for a number of reasons this time, I’ve got the okay to run the Boston Marathon this Monday.  It’s been a weird year for me Boston-wise; I’m blessed enough that this is the seventh pilgrimage I’ve made to celebrate Patriot’s Day with a marathon, so it doesn’t have the hype surrounding it that my first few Boston’s did.  At the same time, it’s still BOSTON (!!!) and to go into it with less than focused training seems somehow sacreligious.  Different year, different priorities.  I just keep reminding myself that I put down a 3:24 seven weeks after a 100-miler to get my ticket – I earned my spot, and it’s okay to just enjoy the run for once.

Street cred.
Street cred.

Saturday, April 6:  17.5 morning miles followed by Pilates/core class.  Tried to run with my regular Saturday morning group, but they’ve been training hard and were into a taper.  They were also only going 8 – 10 miles, so they could afford a bit of spring in their step.  The progesterone (or the poor sleep I’ve been getting) was weighing on me, and I just didn’t have the same spring, so when they turned around, I continued on my own.  My back was acting up for the first time in several months, and by the end of the run, I couldn’t rotate it all.  When my lower back locks up (I am prone to bouts of sacroiliac joint dysfunction due to undiagnosed scoliosis in middle/high school), I find it difficult to execute from my hips and my stride suffers.  So my final semi-long before Boston was a hot mess.  A couple of Tylenol and some good stretching at my Pilates class made a world of difference, and I spent the rest of the day doing laundry.  100 mg of Prometrium.  Nightmares.  Not bad or strange dreams, but violent nightmares.  Not pleasant at all.  Completely asymptomatic otherwise.

Sunday, April 7:  5 easy miles on “junior trail.”  Mid-morning run kind of crammed in between teaching Sunday School and our 4-hour team retreat for the 2013 Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon.  The run didn’t feel great, but it didn’t feel as labored as I was expecting after my flaky performance on Saturday.  No back pain, which was an added plus.  On the other matter, our team retreat, we have some fantastic things in the works for October 20, 2013 – I am so excited about how we continually work to improve our race rather than just make it bigger.  100 mg of Prometrium.  Totally bizarre dream.  Not scary, but so w-e-i-r-d.  I no longer look forward to sleep, which we call “God’s hug” in our house.  For the record, I greatly prefer God’s hug to Prometrium’s.

Monday, April 8:  Two back to back spinning classes.  FINALLY!!!  I felt fantastic during both classes – strong, energized, focused and fit.  After a rough week of workouts, I really needed this.  Booster shot time, just in case “the little egg that could” made friends with a super sperm.  2,500 units of hcg suspended in a ½ ml of fluid.  I stab right in and get the shot done quickly; surprisingly, the aftermath isn’t as sore and doesn’t sting as much as usual.  Maybe there’s something to be said for throwing caution to the wind and acting like a drunk frat boy playing darts.  100 mg of Prometrium on top of that – wow, I can hardly wait to see how I sleep tonight.

Tuesday, April 9:  8 hilly neighborhood miles followed by Pilates/core class.  Well, after a three week hiatus due to travel and treatments, I finally haul my butt out the door at 5:20 am to meet my morning running group.  And …. I’m it.  Bill is out of town for work, “big Scott” just did a marathon on Sunday, “little Scott” is also traveling and Catherine probably figures that since I haven’t been out in three weeks, there’s no reason to go.  Surprisingly however, I still feel fantastic.  It’s the first morning I’ve run in just shorts and a bra top, and my legs feel loose but strong.  I further surprise myself by completing the loop in the same amount of time as when the group runs together.  I told myself that since I felt good I wasn’t going to slack, but I didn’t have to push either, just keep a solid, steady pace.  Yay!  Am I onto something here?  Don’t know if I’m onto something, but I’m definitely back on something.  I wake up nauseous but push through it, because I don’t actually throw up, I just want to.  I get in the car to run errands, and my car STINKS.  The same exact car I was in 8 hours before now stinks so badly I have to put the windows down to get fresh air.  I am also a bottomless trash compactor – I literally want to tie my hands behind my back because I cannot possibly be hungry five minutes after consuming 500 calories.  But I want more.  BREAD.

STUPID MOVE OF THE DAY:  Trying to be a hero/beast and attend Pilates/core class after the run.  Running always aggravates the injection site the first two days, and I usually go home, take a single Tylenol and ice the spot.  I actually had to leave Pilates a little bit early because the pain got so bad.  The hcg shots are very similar to a tetanus shot in that they’re intramuscular injections and the aftermath basically feels like someone punched you.  I admit that I actively aggravate the site by choosing to run, but I should have stopped with one activity.  Lesson learned.

I also have a totally amazing dream in which I consume an entire chocolate chip cheesecake.  I taste every single creamy bite of the thing in my dream, and wake up feeling incredibly satisfied.  Check with DB to make sure there was not actually a mysterious cheesecake in the refrigerator.  Have I stumbled upon an amazing new weight loss plan?  100 mg of Prometrium.

Wednesday, April 10:  Single spin class.  No running today as part of the Boston taper.  Feel good.  The hcg nausea lingers on, and I’m back to getting a good portion of my calories from saltine crackers.  I now have sleeves of them tucked in my car, my purse, and a drawer in my upstairs office.  I work from Panera today to get out of the house for a bit.  A woman with a three year old is at the table across from me, and hands her child a raspberry Nutri-Grain bar.  The cloying raspberry smell on the EMPTY WRAPPER sends me running to the bathroom to dry heave.  In other news, I wake up with sore boobies.  The soreness doesn’t begin to approach last month’s monstrosities, and I generally do begin to notice the soreness four days out from my period.  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday … yep, it’s looking like things are on track for my period this month.  I’m not losing hope per se, but with the chemical pregnancy last month, the super slow follicle growth and the lack of symptoms this month in comparison to last month, I’m just trying to remain realistic.  100 mg of Prometrium.

Thursday, April 11:  Eight hilly morning miles with my friend Bill and a single spin class.  Run felt good and we were enmeshed in a pretty serious conversation.  Also continued to feel strong in spinning, though my sacroiliac was annoyed again.  FINALLY started getting excited about Boston!  A couple strong bouts of nausea, and soreness in the boobs continues.  Have to call the nurses to get clarification on the Prometrium – I don’t know if I’m supposed to stop taking it before my period or after it starts.  I had been warned that it could delay my period, which was good to know, but I didn’t know the specifics.  Turns out I was supposed to stop two days before my period was due (Sunday), meaning my last Prometrium would be Friday night.  If I got a positive pregnancy test on the “hcg clear” date, which is one week later, I would then resume the progesterone supplementation until I was ten weeks pregnant.  100 mg of Prometrium.

My very first wine tasting ... without wine.  DB and I got spiffed up Friday night to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at their annual spring wine tasting.
My very first wine tasting … without wine. DB and I got spiffed up Friday night to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at their annual spring wine tasting.

Friday, April 12:  OFF.  I did have my bi-weekly torture session with Thor, and he gave my left hamstring and my lower back a good and satisfying beatdown.  In disappointing news, I am a ravenous beast and a raging witch in addition to the achy boobies.  Full tilt PMS has descended upon Clove’s household, and poor DB takes the brunt of it.  I kept begging myself to just STOP, because I knew I was completely overreacting to things due to hormonal chaos.  No such luck.  Last 100 mg of Prometrium this month.  Totally wondering about when my period will surprise me – perhaps ON the Boston course?  I mean, I would much prefer having a sly interloper along for the ride, but again – just trying to stay realistic after a trying cycle.

Weekly totals:  38.5 miles (mini-taper), four hours of spinning, 700 mg of Prometrium and 2,500 iu’s of hcg.

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    1. Thanks so much Susan! The bloggers are all ok and those readers that I know who ran are ok. We are equally stunned. We’ve been unsure of what to say. My own feelings are a jumble and I don’t know where to start to articulate them. It’s been a tough 24 hours in that regard.