Clove’s Recovery/Badwater Prep Training Log: 4.4.2015 – 4.10.2015

During one of my "high" points at Umstead, somewhere between 35 - 50 miles.  100-milers are FUN!  (Sometimes)
During one of my “high” points at Umstead, somewhere between 35 – 50 miles. 100-milers are FUN! (Sometimes)

This week was still a no-running/recovery week from Umstead, but it involved more active recovery and less sheer gluttony and laziness.  The biggest news is that I began my sauna sessions; I’ll be going on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and working my way up to a full hour between 180 and 200 degrees.  I also started my uphill walking workouts in preparation for Badwater’s longest and steepest hills, combining a relatively dull activity with one of my guiltiest pleasures:  Days of our Lives.

Over the next 3.5 months, I’ll be walking (or run-walking) uphill for an hour a day four days a week, at a whopping 10% grade on the treadmill.  This workout is being done on a treadmill so that I can get an hour long hill, which is difficult to find outside.  Badwater offers up three extended hills (@18 miles, 15 miles and 13 miles), all of which are at an average 8% grade.  These hills are walked at least in part by even the front-runners, so I’m determined to tighten up my walking pace.

But, let’s face it:  walking on a treadmill for an hour a day isn’t the world’s most exciting activity for most people I know.  Voila!  Time to catch up with gang in Salem, which I’ve been running around with on-and-off since 6th grade.  And as an added bonus for Salty readers, I’ll be recapping Days (with a little bit of characteristic snark!) each week along with my training logs.  So on with it!

Saturday, April 4:  Walk over to the gym at 7:30 am to say hi to my morning and weekend running group.  Then watch them leave!  Did my Pilates/core class later in the day with some spinning intervals.

Sunday, April 5:  Happy Easter!  Candy!!!

Monday, April 6:  2 hour “heat spin” in the evening.  Right now I’m only wearing a thick long sleeve half zip in class, but I’ll be incrementally adding pieces (capris, jackets, full tights, winter hats) until July.  It’s a lot of sweat.  Feels good to start moving the legs again.

Tuesday, April 7:  First walk workout at 10% grade on the treadmill in long pants and a hooded sweatshirt.  Did “commercial intervals” at 4 mph, and walked the rest of the workout at 3 mph.  Hamstrings were achy at the end of it, but no residual soreness the next day.  Followed this with my first sauna session.  Started with just a 35 minute session to allow time for adaptations.  Average temperature hovers between 185 and 200 degrees.  The session does not feel as horrific as I remember them feeling two years ago, so I am pleased.

It's getting hot in here ...
It’s getting hot in here …

Wednesday, April 8:  Wake with killer migraine/dehydration headache.  Realize I am not yet absorbing much of the water I am drinking.  Better that I get the headaches now and not in Death Valley, but a huge gut check.   Walk workout on treadmill and second sauna session.  Pull 40 minutes in the sauna today and drink much more.  In spite of the headache, still not as bad as I remember.

Thursday, April 9:  Headache continues.  Treadmill walk workout followed by one hour heat spin.  SO.  HOT.

Friday, April 10:  Headache is gone!  Current water/Gatorade consumption at approximately 2 liters per day.  Treadmill walk workout first thing in the morning, followed by bi-weekly massage.  Afternoon sauna session.  DB arrived before I did, so it had actually been heating for 20 minutes as opposed to the 15 I usually heat it before going in.  It was at precisely 200 degrees when I started, as opposed to the 175/180 it usually is.  This sauna session hit it:  it was all the horrible things I remembered it being.  Slurry brain.  Trying to remember the alphabet in the right order.  Trying to read a page of my book but reading so fast I wasn’t really reading.  Putting my head between my knees and trying to count for a minute.  Being able to wring out my two hand towels that I use for sweat.  Much higher pulse.  All of this followed by a charity wine tasting … luckily, I did not wake up with a headache on Saturday.

Weekly totals:  12 miles walking at 10% grade, 3 hours spinning, 3 sauna sessions of 35, 40 and 40 minutes.

For all our data geeks (like me), I'm tracking my heart rate through the sauna sessions.  I'm not sure what the results will be ... but I'm definitely curious.
For all our data geeks (like me), I’m tracking my heart rate through the sauna sessions. I’m not sure what the results will be … but I’m definitely curious.

Dalliances on Days:  Will tries to convince himself – and a few others – that he was the innocent victim of Paul’s sneaky seduction tactics.  Sami, much?  In the other corner, dad Lucas tries to convince Adrienne that what they did (sex!) wasn’t wrong because of how they feel, also because Justin cheated too.  These are dangerous lessons, otherwise known as lies.  Eve tries to convince herself that “the boy” means nothing to her, while JJ (wisely) gets wierded/grossed out by making out with sweet girlfriend Paige on the same couch he did her mom on.  A few times.  Jennifer acts like a childish high school girl, telling Daniel she won’t be his friend anymore if he tells Paige the truth about Mommy-Dearest and JJ the gigolo.  Chad tries to manipulate Abby back into bed.  In the four “you seriously didn’t see this coming?” non-shockers of the week, Ben has a past and an alias; Victor is pissed; “Xander” is Alexandros Kiriakis; and  John-used-to-be-Roman-but-I-guess-is-just-John Black these days is actually Paul’s father.  Which I think somehow makes him and Will distantly related.

Also a bunch of totally dull to me stuff with Serena, Eric, Melanie and Nicole involving diamonds, elephants, plasma/paternity tests and general nothingness.  And I miss EJ’s accent.

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  1. Too funny – I was 3rd generation Days watcher till I gave it up probably 25 years ago. Still John Black? And the Kiriakis? Wow. It’s always funny to see people who used to be on Days (Eve, showed up on Arrow as Felicity’s MOM) or AW, which I thought was a better show (Cass, one of my faves, was on Forever).

    ANYway 😉 Sounds like you have a solid if painful training plan. Careful with that heat stuff, scary. And 10%, wow. Thanks for sharing your training, look forward to more. (definitely making me rethink Badwater’s spot on my “in a world where….” list)

  2. Are you training (sauna, treadmill, spin) in public? Curious if you find yourself explaining to strangers what you are training for or if you just let them wonder. I can only imagine the conversations they have with their friends after seeing you! Keep up the good work!

  3. Also a closet Days fan! That training sound insane. I think if need drugs to make it fun. I guess it’s probably hard to find training buddies for badwater, huh?!