Clove’s Burning River 100 Mile Race Report

Clove on her big day! Read her report tomorrow to discover if she managed to keep that smile on her face all day – hint: no!

Why am I, Salty, authoring a post titled Clove’s Burning River 100 Mile Race Report and why on earth am I posting this at 10:30 p.m.? Good questions! I wanted to let our readers know what’s heading their way tomorrow. As you probably know, Clove ran the Burning River 100 Mile race on July 28. She trained her tiny butt off for weeks with the intention of placing high, perhaps even winning. Her race report is epic, as only a Clove 100 mile race report could be! And it’s long. Like really long. So we’ve broken it up in installments. Of course, that’s not all! Of course not! These installments will be posted at the times Clove hit the checkpoints in the actual race. The race started at 5:00 a.m. so the first installment will appear on the site tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. and then the next one will be posted at the time she hit the first major aid station on the course and so on and so forth. The last installment will be posted at her finish time. After all the installments are posted I will update this post with links to each installment for one-stop Clove Burning River shopping. It’s going to be great! So stay tuned tomorrow for Burning River Palooza. I assure you it won’t disappoint!



Part 1 – Before the Gun (5:00 am)

Part 2 – Squire’s Castle to Polo Fields (6:23 am)

Part 3 – Polo Fields to Station Road Bridge (7:52 am)

Part 4 – Station Road Bridge to Ottawa (12:10 pm)

Part 5 – Ottawa to Happy Days (1:10 pm)

Burning River โ€“ A Salty Interlude

Part 6 – Happy Days to Pine Hollow (5:20 pm)

Part 7 – Out of Covered Bridge (8:18 pm)

Part 8 – Through the Night (12:39 am)

Burning River 100 2012 course map
That’s one heck of a long course! Click the map to view in full size

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