Clove’s Badwater Training Log – 6.26.2015

This is how I'm currently going to two-hour spinning classes, as well as doing some runs.  Five weeks out when this photo was taken last Monday!
This is how I’m currently going to two-hour spinning classes, as well as doing some runs. Five weeks out when this photo was taken last Monday!

It is strange, a bit, to post training logs in arrears.  Since I am feeling the present (rainy, again) day, I will start by speaking of today.  I am exhausted.  Just completely worn out.  Still not overtraining, which is almost disappointing, because then I’d get to back off before the taper.  But I’ve come this far, and with only 12 working days before the taper starts, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  My morning resting heart rate remains in the low 40’s; consistently between 41 – 43, with lows of 39 and 40 the past week.  While I have specific aches and tweaks on certain days, I don’t have lingering, chronic or all-over soreness.  I do have a lingering, chronic sense of boredom sometimes, but we’ll get through that.  That’s today, after big workouts this weekend not covered in this specific log.

Here’s last week:

Saturday, June 20:  A big, wet and wild running adventure, spanning two states, two surfaces and two completely different experiences.  A 4:30 am wake-up call started the day in Duluth, MN where I was pacing the 4:45 full marathon group at Grandma’s Marathon – in the pouring rain.  As far as times go, 4:45 is probably my least-liked group.  My “wheelhouse” for pacing is between 4:00 – 4:30; those are the times where I feel comfortably relaxed.  5:00 is very slow (for me), but just a fun, long day.  Something about 4:45 just hits at a weird spot in my heart rate/aerobic/stride zone.  I feel like I’m working harder than when I pace 4:00, and for some reason, this is the time that’s most guaranteed to make me sore during the event.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t have a great group and great people; I had some very inspiring runners and a great run.

From the finish line, I had 29 minutes to run back to the hotel, take a very quick shower, and get in a cab for the airport.  As I flew from Duluth back to Columbus, I was tracking my good friend Dave as he ran the Mohican 100 (in the pouring rain) as I was due to pace him the last 25 miles.  Due to him being a bit ahead of schedule and my flight being just a bit behind, I missed the first segment of the last loop, but jumped in with him in time to get in another 19.5 miles on the Mohican “slip and slide.”  When Dave was on runnable ground, he was still between 9:30 – 10:00 minute trail miles, and I actually felt better/stronger on this run than I had earlier in the day.  Finally got to bed after 46 miles in just under 22 hours.

Souvenirs from pacing just under 20 miles through a muddy slip-and-slide at Mohican.  Totally worth it!
Souvenirs from pacing just under 20 miles through a muddy slip-and-slide at Mohican. Totally worth it!

Sunday, June 21:  A total rest day with the exception of a sauna session.  As I was understandably whipped within an inch of my life, I expected this session to be quite difficult; it was, in fact, one of my easier ones.  My heart rate peaked in the low 90’s and I felt in control throughout.

Monday, June 22:  Last time to add clothes to the heat spinning outfit: full tights rather than capris, plus a winter hat.  I think I still had a little ankle exposed, but you know, choose your battles.  2 hours of heat spinning followed by 3.5 miles of hill repeats, still in the crazy outfit.

Tuesday, June 23:  8 morning miles on my hilly neighborhood loop, which included my neighbor seeing my outfit and asking if I was really about to run “in that?!?!?”  Heh.  Early afternoon sauna session, which was somewhat unbearable due to the ridiculous cramps I had.  Almost nixed the second run that evening, and was shocked a couple of times that I actually made it through Umstead in those conditions.  Several Advil later, got in 4 miles of downhill running on the treadmill (-1%, -2% and -3% grades), followed by an hour of uphill walking.

Wednesday, June 24:  13 miles of hill repeats on very tired legs with very bad cramps.  Pace was good but not as “peppy” as the last couple sessions of these.  Afternoon sauna session followed by an hour of uphill walking.

Thursday, June 25:  The “blah” day.  This is the first day that I really struggled with motivation, with even caring at all.  I did. not.  want.  to.  run.  And I avoided it for hours.  And finally, I realized I had to get this done, so I suited up in fleece-lined black track pants and the heaviest black pullover I own and headed out.  It was dark and gray (because that’s summer 2015 in Ohio, right?) but still warm.  I wanted to cut it short because I was miserably overdressed, but saw friend and crew member George at 7 miles in and was able to get in two more with him.  Finished the prescribed 10 miles of hills, then headed to the gym a couple hours later for an hour of uphill walking followed by a one hour heat spin.

I got punked.  I thought one of my favorite instructors was on, but my gym does this weird rotation in the summer due to lower attendance.  Suffice it to say that it was not one of my favorite instructors.  Got the spin and the walk in, and pretty much was ready to move on from Thursday’s workouts.

Friday, June 26:  Another gray, rainy morning.  5 easy miles in the morning, followed by an hour of outdoor uphill walking with friend and crew member Robin.  Massage followed by sauna session – and sauna PR!!!  My heart rate immediately out of the sauna was only 86 bpm’s!  When I started sauna sessions back in late April, I was doing ten minutes less and consistently in the 110’s and even 120’s.  Now, if only I could figure out how to eat when I’m that hot …

Hot.  So hot.  So, so hot.
Hot. So hot. So, so hot.

On a final note, I’ve stopped recapping Days of our Lives because I just don’t have time.  I do, however, have to bring up the irony of this past week’s story line.  Zany Xander and his accomplice Navidad decided that it was time for Nicole and Eric to DIE.  After chasing them around Nicole’s office, Nicole and Eric somehow ended up in a crawl space with the furnace, so Xander got the bright idea to rachet the heat to the top and pretty much sauna them to death.  Now the irony of the situation was not lost on me – until, of course, Eric and Nicole had to profess their hidden and undying love for one another, including a hot makeout sesh, followed by Nicole begging Eric to “just hold her.” 

Of course, DB and I can’t help muttering “just hold me” now when we’re in the sauna.  Which is really just too overwhelming to even contemplate.

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  1. I cant imagine this level of training. Its crazy to try to understand the level of commitment to take on something like Badwater. And I actually flipped past Days today, and did a double take when Stefano appeared… he is STILL alive????