Clove’s Badwater Training Log: 4.18.2015 – 5.1.2015

No, I didn’t pass out in the sauna during the last two weeks.  I was traveling for work and getting my arse kicked by the beast that is Badwater!

My mileage is still relatively low, and I don’t hit my first 80 – 90 mile weeks until mid-May.  Time management, however, is already becoming an issue, and it’s something I’m continuing to work on every day.  I’m so incredibly blessed to have such a flexible work schedule, but training in all the necessary areas (mileage, sauna and hill walking) reminds me a bit of that one summer that I tried to train for Ironman … it’s just incredibly time-consuming.  Add that to the amount of laundry I’m doing (sorry environment!) and it’s quite enough to overwhelm me.

Saturday, April 18:  17 solo miles with four steep half mile hill repeats in the center (the Worthington hill for you locals).  Surprised with an 8:52 average pace.  For a solo long run, three weeks off of a 100, with multiple hill repeats, it was good.  I was expecting somewhere around 9:20.

Sunday, April 19:  First long-form heat/hill workout on the treadmill to grind the quads/hamstrings and play with run:walk ratios.  Two major points of this workout:  always go uphill and always be hot.  Wore a tank with a thick jacket and long pants with buns underneath and ran straight uphill for 8 miles.  Here’s what this one looked like:

  • 1 mile @ 11-minute pace at 7% grade
  • .5 mile @ 11-minute pace at 7.5% grade
  • .5 mile @ 11-minute pace at 8% grade
  • 1 mile @ 19-minute pace at 10% grade (walk)
  • Repeat above cycle
  • Followed by a pyramid (increasing grade, then decreasing grade) for 2 final miles with run:walk breaks of 2:1 and 3:2.

Then I went to the sauna for 45 minutes too.  And then I drank wine which I flushed out with water.  I drink a lot of water these days …

Monday, April 20:  7 mile run with hills, followed by a double heat spin.  Props to instructor and friend Kim for leaving a surprise bag of gummy bears on my bike, which I ate immediately, in class, with little shame.

Tuesday, April 21:  13 total miles for the day, 45 minutes in the sauna, and one hour of hill walking.  Never-ending workout day.

Wednesday, April 22:  Early morning 10 miles, followed by 45 minutes in the sauna, one hour of hill walking, and not being properly ready to leave the house on time for our flight to CA.  Very overwhelmed.

Thursday, April 23:  OFF-ish!!!  I had front-loaded my miles because I knew I would be in meetings with Clif Bar for much of the day (work), and then driving from San Francisco to Big Sur with DB.  We got to SF in time for me to do my hour of hill-walking before dinner, and I even found a questionably uploaded episode of Days to watch on my phone!

Friday, April 24:  Totally awesome, absolutely gorgeous 5 miles along the Pacific Ocean with DB, including a major hill.  One hour of hill-walking, and reduced to watching Jessa and Ben’s honeymoon on my phone …

Weekly totals:  60 miles running, 12 miles walking, three 45-minute sauna sessions, one work trip.
Saturday, April 25:  What should have been a very easy 3-mile shakeout felt very difficult.

Sunday, April 26:  Big Sur Marathon, pacing.  26.2.  Headwinds from hell.

Monday, April 27:  Double heat spin.  Exhausted from flight that landed at 1:20 am.  This would last all week.

Tuesday, April 28:  5 exhausted miles, 45-minute sauna session, one-hour hill walk.

Wednesday, April 29:  10 miles, split between two workouts:  an easy five and five with the half-mile uphill repeats.  45-minute sauna session, one-hour hill walk.

Thursday, April 30:  7 terrible, awful miles.  I had tried a new veggie burger from a local market the night before, and it did not go well.  It did not come up or out, but merely caused horrific stomach cramps.  Add to this that my hip and my usually minor plantar fasciitis was acting up, and I was out.  So far out that I skipped spinning and walking, repeating over and over again:  “It’s only April.  It’s only April.  It’s only April …”

Friday, May 1:  9 miles:  an easy four with DB, followed by five miles of hill repeats.  (I live in a very hilly neighborhood, where the base of the streets to the top is just under .5 miles, and uphill.)  Massage day!!!  Followed by my best sauna session yet; I was able to take in 1.5 liters of fluid without any of it “sitting” in my gut, and felt calm and lucid the whole time.  Early evening, one-hour hill walk.

Weekly totals:  60 running miles, 9 walking miles, three 45-minute sauna sessions, one late flight and one bad veggie burger.

And finally … Dalliances on Days:  Melanie, Brady, Theresa and Marlena all end up at Kristen’s castle in Italy.  Kristen wanted to get back at Brady, so when she found out that Theresa was pregnant (with Brady’s baby) she had one of the DiMera’s shadily-licensed doctors remove the embryo from Theresa, implant it in her, and tell Theresa she wasn’t pregnant after all.  Kristen absconded, finally carrying Brady’s spawn, and all was well until the baby needed a bone-marrow transplant for an auto-immune disorder.  Plausible, right?  Anyhow, after way too many days of fist-fights, injections and shootings, Theresa and Brady were reunited with their son, Melanie was moping because she must have forgotten that this would bring Theresa and Brady closer, and Marlena was cleared in Kristen’s death (she fell out of a window).  Kristen is not dead and I would put $ on an EJ/Abby embryo out there as well.  Especially since Stefano has that creepy folder labeled “Abigail Deveraux.”

Paige and JJ continued to make sweet virginal love while Eve freaked out and Jennifer actually tried to be compassionate.  Will whined … and whined … and lied … about Paul and Sonny. John went to San Francisco to try to rectify some things with Paul.  Adrienne and Justin continued to look like horny 40-year-olds trying to have soap opera sex like hot 20-year-olds.  I’m almost 40.  There is a lot to be said for 40-year-old sex.  But EJ and Abigail they are not.

Nicole, Serena, Xander and the elephants continued to bore everyone to tears.

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