Clove’s Badwater Training Log: 4.11.2015 – 4.17.2015

If you look above the navel ring, you can see ("C") my little problem.  The other weird stuff are buttons and the zipper on my cords - the x-ray was done with my cords on.
If you look above the navel ring, you can see (“C”) my little problem – as well as what it does to my hips. The other weird stuff is buttons and the zipper on my cords – the x-ray was done with my cords on.

This entry shall otherwise be titled “My Twisted Spine.”

My twisted spine put a dent in things this week.  Some people would say, “Star.  It was the very low mileage first week of a 15-week training plan, coming off of the training that got you to a PR 100-miler.”  Those people would be correct, but I would remind them that I am a super Type-A perfectionist, and that even though I know I made the best long-term choices for my body, I feel like I’m wearing a scratchy wool sweater when I don’t properly ace the week’s appointed workouts.  It just bothers me.

I am an ultrarunner who has scoliosis.  Marked scoliosis, to be exact, and scoliosis that perhaps should have been dealt with when I was running around low-income schools that didn’t track it super closely.  It requires some maintenance here and there, but isn’t generally a huge problem.

I noticed a problem in my left hip immediately after Umstead; the epicenter of the not-so-right issue sat like a knot, but then crept down the outside of my left IT band creating a real mess.  After my first week of rest and some electrostim therapy, it was gone.  I didn’t think twice about it until I went for my first run two weeks on Sunday.  It was painful by mile 2 and never worked itself out.  My left leg felt about two inches longer than my right, causing me to drag my right leg in a kind of hopping stride.  Monday is my off day.  Tuesday was better.  Then I tried running Wednesday and it was worse than ever, bad enough to wake me up sleeping Wednesday night.  Which meant that after already reduced mileage, I was off to the chiropractor on Thursday, which meant another day off to let the adjustment settle.  (My right hip was severely rotated forward, which meant that I was putting all my weight on my left leg when I was trying to run, plus that weight was coming with greater impact because my right leg was “shortened up” by the hip rotation.  Basically, we have to put me out of alignment to get my legs even due to the scoliosis.  Sigh.)

But.  This was a low mileage week 1 of a 15-week training plan, and I’d rather have problems at the beginning than the end.  Right?  RIGHT.

Saturday, April 11:  Last day off.  Very excited to get back to running.  Pilates/core class.

Sunday, April 12:  10 miles with double hills and a lot of pain, 45-minute sauna session.  “Double hills”:  I have an eight mile route that includes 5 @ .5 mile hills.  And that means that after I run them, I turn around, run back down, and head back up. Badwater.

Monday, April 13:  2 hour heat spin.  Big day:  the addition of capris to the outfit.  So I am currently spinning in a tank covered by a long-sleeve shirt, and capris with spinning shorts over them.  Not overkill.  I am not sitting on that bike for 2 hours without some padding in my shorts!  Bonus:  hot yoga takes place in the next room over during the first hour!

Tuesday, April 14:  8 morning miles with less pain, followed by half of a Pilates/core class.  One hour treadmill walk at 10% grade.  45-minute sauna session.

Wednesday, April 15:  One hour treadmill walk at 10% grade.  45-minute sauna session; this one was rough because I got two stressful work emails right before I left so I was kind of hopped up on stress going in.  Hard to stay calm and focused when totally stressed out; actually had to go to a lower (cooler) bench for the last 5 minutes.  7 painful post-sauna miles.

Thursday, April 16:  One hour heat spin.  No running or treadmill walking to allow chiropractic adjustment to “set.”  In happy news, as I am leaving the gym I immediately think “Oh my gosh!  I can feel my right leg touching the ground!”

Friday, April 17:  5 not-perfect-but-much-improved miles with DB and Darrin, followed by 45-minute sauna session.  I felt improvement in this one; I felt drained but lucid even during the last ten minutes.  One hour treadmill walk at 10% grade.

Totals:  30 running miles, 9 walking miles, 4 sauna sessions, last minute chiro.

No real variations in week 2 of sauna data.  I'm maxed at 45 minutes for the time being, so it's over the next two to three weeks that I'm hoping to see my post-sauna heart rate decrease a little bit.
No real variations in week 2 of sauna data. I’m maxed at 45 minutes for the time being, so it’s over the next two to three weeks that I’m hoping to see my post-sauna heart rate decrease a little bit.

Dalliances on Days:  Everyone’s pissed at everyone because of Paul:  Marlena, Tori, Paul, Will, Sonny and John.  All of them.  Pissed.  There’s a very funny scene with Abigail, where she assumes the catered sushi/champagne dinner that Chad has set up is for her … and it’s not, because he’s busy getting slimy with the editor of Sonix Magazine.  In other news, it’s been all of three days since someone found out they had a child they didn’t know about; cue Melanie telling Brady that she thinks Krazy Kristen might have had a fertility doctor steal an embryo from Theresa, and Brady taking all of five minutes to say “you know – we are on a soap opera, so yeah, you’re probably right.  We’ve gotta find Kristen, stat!  Nicole is still dull, but her vulnerability with Daniel kind of sold me this week.  JJ and Eve have a huge fight but actually manage not to sleep together after it.  He does, however, sleep with Paige, because the rule is that after he fights with one of these women, he has to sleep with the other one.

This, of course, means that we’re just hours from her finding out about him and Mommy Dearest; she, by the way, had an EPIC breakdown when she realized that her boy-toy had slept with her age-appropriate daughter, screaming “NOT MY DAUGHTER!!!!” while destroying a coffee table Lifetime TV style.   Oh – Melanie’s traveling cargo on Brady’s plane to Italy to track down Krazy Kristen, while Theresa’s kidnapping is imminent as KK needs her blood to cure some autoimmune disorder the mystery child has.  Lucas and Adrienne get it on again, including a very funny scene in which Lucas throws his tie like he’s pissed at it and then destroys a perfectly good dress shirt while taking it off, because we all know that attacking our clothing is a sign of passion.  Victor fires him through the bedroom door in a terrific Friday closer.  And of course, more crap with the elephants, diamonds, Serena and Xander.

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  1. Clove, just checking in on your progress-I enjoy reading your updates. Hope all is going well and your healthy in your training for

  2. hi I have a 47 degree curve and started running distance at age 45.. Im now 55 everytime i try to increase my distance i get an injury.. longest ive run is a half marathon. but if i try try to do long runs longer than 7 mile i get injuried. i have the endurance for biking. any thoughts about this.. thank janice