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Age: 36

Occupation: Running/Sports Marketing Consultant

Relationship Status: Married (happily!)

City:  Columbus, OH

How many years running:  16

Why you run in one sentence:  To learn the lessons that can only be taught by the woods.

Goals for 2012:  Top 3 finish at the Vermont 100 in July. Possibly trying for another sub 3:20 marathon this fall. Figuring out my long-term plan for “getting to next” from here.

Long-term running goals:  Winning a 100 mile trail race; placing in the top 10 women at the Western States 100; Badwater. Yes, I said it. Badwater.

Interesting non-running fact about me:  I teach traditional Sunday School but firmly believe that faith and spirituality are just as real as “religion.”

I’d like to add:  I am an ethical vegetarian. I get plenty of protein and my running didn’t suffer a bit. And yes, I totally picked Clove because I’m a big, 36 year old grown up who LOVES “The Hunger Games.”


5k: 19:59 (2009)

5 mile: 34:14 (2009)

Half Marathon: 1:33:01 (2006)

Marathon: 3:17:05 (2007)

Road 50k: 4:21:04 (2010)

Trail 50k: 5:13:50 (2010)

100 Mile: 19:24:11 (2011)

Trail and adventure enthusiast. Girl who swears like a sailor but not when she's teaching Sunday School. Survived infertility without a successful pregnancy. Self-employed, primarily working for Clif Bar and Company. Thirteen 100-mile race finishes with seven top 3 placements. An original Saltine.


  1. Hi Clove,

    I’m going to be running my first half marathon trail race in September and need a little direction. Are there any sites/books you would recommend for training plans? Currently, I’m just running casually a few days a week so I am definitely in need of some structure. Any advice would be much appreciated! Now I just have to find some hills in Chicago…

    Andrea Gorjanc

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