Cinnamon’s Training Log 4.6.14

Woohoo!  I hit forty!  After weeks of setbacks thwarting my attempt to hit forty miles a week, I finally managed to do it, food-poisoning-be-damned!

During this conditioning cycle I’ve worked hard to get faster, so it should not have come as a surprise to me that the strong 40-miles weekly base that came so easily last year kept slipping through my fingers. Intensity makes a big difference!

That’s also true for my job this year. I’m working less but making more, and have more responsibility when I’m there. This means you may never again read a training log I typed on my phone between camera set-ups on “such-and-such TV-show;” I just do not have the time anymore. In fact I can barely check emails. There’s no time for anything other than my job 90% of the time I’m at work, and the other 10% I’m mentally recovering from the 90%.  I also didn’t have a steady gig this winter, so that means bringing more gear, which means running to and from work hasn’t happened in a long time.

But I did it, finally, and I think those 30-something mile weeks have paid off, because I feel fantastic!

Sunday 3/30 – Logged 10 miles in the afternoon with one of my favorite pastimes; running into Manhattan to window shop. 9:30 pace, except for a rogue speedy 8:40 mile.

Monday 3/31 – A fast 6 miler (9 min pace) lead me straight into the Brooklyn H3 trail, and I finished up by meeting friends out. Jogged 2 miles home. 6 miles.

Tuesday 4/1 – I started the day with the best of intentions and not having eaten much in the last three days. I ordered dinner from a greasy spoon diner and quickly found myself regretting that as I lay moaning and clutching my food-poisoned belly. 0 miles

Wednesday 4/2 – I’m pretty experienced at food poisoning these days, so I decided not to shirk my responsibility as Grand Maîtresse of the Knick Hash that evening. Anyway I wanted the mileage and I figured if something went wrong at least I’d have my friends around to carry me to a taxi and send me home. All went well though, and I managed an easy 4 miles (and no beer).

Thursday 4/3 – Time to get back in the saddle. I knew if I took it easy I could make that 40 mile mark. 8 miles, 9:30ish pace

Friday 4/4 – The speed bug bit me and I crushed 4 miles in an 8:15 pace, on the street!  It helped that I just made a turn every time I came to a red light, but it was also one of those magic days when the lights seem to work in your favor. I jogged a 1 mile cool-down and followed up with some yoga. 5 miles.

Saturday 4/5 – I was confused about the 10k I was supposed to run, thinking it was Sunday, because it’s always been on a Sunday…that’s what I get for paying more attention to Salty Running blog tournaments than NYRR emails. Oops. I did 8 miles on my own and met my team for brunch after the race. The splits are weird, 9:40, 8:30, 8:40, 9:30, 9:40, 10:30, 10:40, 10:30. Seems my speedy Friday night wore my legs out a little. 8 miles.

Total – 41 miles! And mostly quality, not too much “coasting.” I’ve been working on consciously choosing my effort level instead of just letting myself plod along, and it’s showing in my times. This time last year my average pace for the week would have been about 30 seconds to a minute slower. As long as I give myself enough recovery, it seems like I can maintain!

Cinnamon made Salty Running, takes lots of pictures and drinks lots of coffee. By day she's a camera assistant for films and tv in New York, and by night she's on a quest for zen in the 10k. Her writing is a mix of satirical humor, finding wholeness as an average runner, cheering for runners at all paces and more.

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