Cilantro’s Training Log – May 2015

As promised, this is the first of my much delayed training logs.  As I mentioned in my last post, I am using triathlon training to supplement my training for the Burning River 100-mile race in July because due to recent health concerns, I am only allowed to run three days per week.  With a local coach’s help, we developed a plan that will hopefully keep my running fitness levels high (I had many 100+ mile weeks this winter as I was training for my “indefinitely postponed” Run Across America) while allowing me to also develop my cycling and swimming skills for my career as a competitive triathlon “age-grouper.”

My first week of tri/ultra training was the first week of May:

5/4 – 5/10

Monday: 10 miles of cycling, 45 minute.  This was my first time on a bike in at least six month, and I was SLOW.

Tuesday: 7 miles, 3 miles at tempo (splits: 7:54, 7:52, 7:56). 30 mn swim post-run (again, SLOW).

Wednesday: 16 miles, cycled, followed by three easy-pace running miles.

Thursday: 50 mn swim, yoga

Friday: 4 easy miles, 35 minutes

Saturday: Lake Wobegon Marathon, 4:01

Sunday: 1 hour easy stationary biking

Total: 40 miles run, 80 mn swimming, 26 miles + 1 hr stationary biking


Monday: 40 mn swim (1 mile)

Tuesday: 8 miles run, easy (10:00 pace)

Wednesday: 12 miles run, easy pace; spin class in the afternoon

Thursday: Spin class in the AM (kept HR in zone 1); 40 mn swim in the afternoon

Friday: 10 mile run, 9:12 pace

Saturday: Thief River Falls triathlon, 1st place 30-34 age group

Sunday: 2:10 cycling

Total: 38 miles run, 90 mn swim, 95 miles cycling (estimated), 5:15 time


Monday: 1.5 miles swam, 1 hr

Tuesday: 9.5 miles total, three miles at marathon base pace (8:30)

Wednesday: 90 mn cycling; 30 mn swim in the afternoon

Thursday: 18 mile run, 9:52 overall pace.

Friday: 14 mile run, 10:00 pace

Saturday: 57 miles cycled (outdoors)

Sunday: Rest

Total: 1:50 mn swim (est 2 miles); 43 miles run; 6 hours cycling (est 93 miles)


Monday: 5 miles run (8:30 average pace, fastest mile 7:30); 40 mn swim in the afternoon

Tuesday: 13 mile run, 9:18 pace; 20 mn cycling in the afternoon, recovery pace

Wednesday: 80 mn cycling; 1 hr swim in the afternoon

Thursday: 30 miles run, 10:00 pace

Friday: 1.6 mile swim, 1 hr

Saturday: Dewey Duathlon, DNF’ed with a flat tire, but my first 5k was a 22:35 which was a super huge PR for me (that I crushed the following weekend). 13 miles run in the afternoon.

Sunday: 55 miles biked

Total: 65 miles run, 3.6 miles swam, 90 miles biked

I’ve been relying on swimming to help with my recovery, and I can definitely tell a difference in my recovery overall.  As you can see, my running is also getting demonstrably faster which I attribute to better recovery, having enough blood, and my attention to cycling which is putting less stress on my running muscles while still helping me improve my fitness.  June is a big racing/training month for me, so moving forward I’d like to focus on my recovery weeks as well as the big training weeks, and stay healthy for Burning River!

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