Cilantro’s Training Log – 12/11/2017-1/14/2018

On the top of Obuda

This is the real story, told in running miles, of how I ran mindfully, largely without a plan, and arrived back in the United States ready to run again.

Arrive in Budapest: 12/12/2018

Leave Budapest: 1/9/2018

Week 1:

Monday: Leaving for Budapest today, did 45 minutes on the elliptical because I didn’t feel like running. Monday’s are traditionally my non-running days, and I knew I had a long day ahead of me.

Tuesday: Oh hey, it’s Tuesday!  After arriving in Budapest and getting a bit unpacked, I headed out for a short run around Budapest to shake out my legs. It feels amazing to run in Budapest which, more than anywhere else, feels like home. 3 miles. Yoga in the evening.

Wednesday:  I’ve got to hurry to fit in a run before I head to language class.  3 quick miles before the sun is up.  Yoga in the afternoon.

Thursday: Finally I’m adjusting to CET.  Woke up with enough time for a 43 minute run! 4.5 miles. Yoga in the afternoon.

Friday: No class today, so Budapest is my oyster. I’m tired though, and Friday is my other non-running day, so I just do a quick 3 mile run before settling in to catch up on work. Yoga again.  If, in future weeks, I forget to mention yoga, just assumed I spent some time on the mat.  My December goal was to find a personal yoga practice, so I did at least 15 minutes of yoga every day I was in BP.

From the top of Gellert Hill

Saturday: Ready to run, I head out to explore my favorite places to run, and fit in 8.5 miles (one long mile up a mini-mountain).  Woo, I love this place.

Sunday: 9 miles around BP.  I’m finding it so much easier and enjoyable to run here.  The end of the semester plus a strep/pneumonia combo was no joke, so it’s wonderful to feel like running again.

Total: 32 miles

Week 2:

Monday: 3 recovery miles.  Tired today, probably because I spent a lot of time on my feet this weekend.  Running is only part of the story when I’m in Europe.  Because I walk everywhere, I add at least 6 extra miles on walking every day I’m here.  This will come into play later.

Tuesday: 2 miles, but then 7 miles walking.

Wednesday: 7 miles.  Running is fun!

Thursday: Another day with a lot of running and walking. 9 mile run, 5 miles walked.

Friday: Rest day, “just” 9 miles of walking.

Saturday: Beautiful day for a run.  I set out without any intention, and ended up running to the highest point in OBuda, which was almost 3 miles running straight up.  12 miles total.

Sunday: Long day yesterday with a lot of hills, so I took it easy today, and just did 3 miles.

Total: 35 running miles.  Walking miles: too many to count.

Week 3:

Monday: Merry Christmas.  I’m alone in a foreign country, so naturally I go for a run. 14 miles in the beautiful BP morning.

Tuesday: 7 miles in the morning.

Wednesday: It’s sightseeing time!  I’m heading to Slovakia, because I can!  5 miles before I catch the train.

Thursday:  Time for a break.  No running, just sightseeing around BP and a lot of walking (10 miles total).

Friday: 5.5 quick miles before another day of sightseeing. 4.5 miles of walking.

Saturday: All the time on my feet is adding up.  No running, but 9 miles of walking (sightseeing again).

Sunday: It’s NYE!  I had food poisoning last night though, so I’m not feeling amaze. 3 easy miles.

Total: 34.5 miles ran. More than a lot of miles walked.

Week 4:

Monday: Happy New Year! I’m still not at 100% since the food poisoning episode (I completely missed NYE celebrations and was asleep by 10 pm).  3 easy miles (but 5 miles walked).

Tuesday: I’m feeling better, so I fit in 4.5 miles before language lessons! 5 more miles walked.

Wednesday: Time for a break – the time on my feet is starting to add up. I don’t feel like running, so I don’t! Still managed to walk 9 miles today.

Thursday: I feel like running, but not a lot.  Just 3 miles before I head to class, 6 miles walked.

Friday: I still don’t feel like running, and I’m accepting that this is my body telling me that I’ve gone at it pretty hard for Time for another rest day! A light day overall, just 7 miles total walked.

Saturday: I’m still feeling worn down, so no running again today.  Somehow, I still walk 9 miles.

Sunday: Reading for some running, but not a lot.  3 miles, and only 4.5 miles of walking!  This has become a “light” day for me.

Total: 13.5 miles, many many more walked.

Week 5: 

Monday: Last day in Budapest.  I am determined to see everything, but not while running. 6 miles walked.

Tuesday: Airplane day.  Nothing except for all of the walking involved in traveling, which adds up to 6 miles.

Wednesday: I’m back in Alabama.  And, somehow, I woke up ready to train again. 5 miles, 45 minutes. I must still be pretty tired from the flight, and I tripped on our not-so-good sidewalks towards the end of the run and scraped up my hand and knee.  No worries, though, I feel like running again.  It’s like magic. Taught yoga in the morning before getting to work.

Thursday: Another day where I feel like running!  I tentatively start my Comrade’s training plan in week two, since week one wasn’t too intense. 6 miles, 3 at tempo pace.

Friday: I don’t feel like messing up my hair, so I run inside. 4.5 miles easy.

Saturday: Woke up with a sore throat and runny nose, but fit in 4.5 miles before teaching yoga.

Sunday: Oh hey, remember that sore throat and runny nose.  It’s the flu! Couldn’t leave my bed today (or, spoiler alert) the next day.

Total: 20 miles

The irony of it all is that just as I was wanting to run again, boom, the flu tells me who’s boss. And I’m going to listen.

Cilantro out.

Ultrarunner, yoga teacher, academic, and feminist. I write about ultrarunning, feminism, and the intersection of running and life.

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  1. That is a whole lot of walking and sightseeing on foot- but I love it! Boo to food poisoning and now getting the flu. I guess one way to look at it, is that at least a little rest right now will make sure you are 100% ready to jump into training and will also most likely prevent you from doing too much too soon. I have that habit I get all revved up to train and it’s SO easy to just dive in because we are so excited instead of smartly easing in!