Cilantro’s Training Log – 9.29.2013

UND President's Residence
Rave run through the UND campus

Can you believe your eyes? Two whole weeks of training logs from Cilantro?

The North Dakota climate (and beautiful running paths) must agree with me.

Now that I’m feeling up to running (and loving it again), I have to admit that I’m more than a little bummed that I won’t be in shape for any fall marathons. I even paid my SOJO registration fee months ago, but won’t be able to use it.

That’ll teach me to register four months in advance for a marathon. Lesson learned, life. Thank you.

Even if I could be in shape for a marathon before the end of the month, I certainly couldn’t afford the registration fee. Being a full-time student certainly has its perks, but it also means I can’t afford pricey race fees. I’m sure that is fodder for a Salty post.

Instead of re-checking my couch for change, I’ll just post my running stats for the week:

Sunday: 5 mile run through the UND campus. Pure bliss.

Monday: 20 minutes walking, 30 minutes yoga.

Tuesday: 7 mile run (say what? 7 miles! My longest run since starting to run again)

Wednesday: 30 minutes yoga, 20 minutes walking

Thursday: Off

Friday: 40 minute elliptical, 20 minutes strength training

Saturday: 7 miles

Weekly total: 19 miles

Between school and schoolwork, I’ve just decided to dedicate myself to winning race entry fees. My next race will be dictated by $$. Any tips for cheaper (or freer marathons)?



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  1. I think that in general, if you want to find a cheaper marathon you have to look small and be willing to register early. The Med City Marathon (Memorial Day weekend, Rochester, MN) has early bird pricing of $55 through next month. Lake Wobegon (May, St Joseph MN) is also $55 through the end of the year. lets you search by early registration price. Putting in $50 pulled up several options.