Cilantro’s Training Log – 9.11.16

Trail running in the Jefferson Forest
Trail running in the Jefferson Forest

I had a race on Sunday, so this was an easier week all-around, which was appropriate because I was also a bit under the weather (hold up, why am I speaking in code?  I was PMS’ing and if affects every aspect of my life).  One of the reasons I like the CrossFit Endurance plan is the one-week taper (two-three weeks has always felt way too long) and it make it easier to fit races into a training cycle.  Overall, the first few days of the week were hard and I could tell I needed a complete rest day, which I took on Thursday.  Overall, happy with the week and very happy with my race on Sunday.

Taper week:

Monday: Easy day, 5.5 miles in 120’s HR zone (around 10:00 pace). No Crossfit, climbing in the afternoon.

Tuesday: 5.5 miles total, 6×200 m at 10k pace (7:00). Crossfit after work: 10 minutes AMRAP: 5xjumping seats, 10xback extensions, 15xball-to-wall, 15xsit-ups/:30 plank. Strength: 5,6,7,7,7xbiceps

Wednesday: 5 easy miles in the morning, stuck to a 10:00 pace to keep things in the 120’s.  Recovery weeks are hard. Crossfit after work: Ground to overhead combined with a burpee.  4 every minutes, on the minute, with jumping jacks in between.  (Imagine holding a dumbbell in each hand, dropping to the ground to do a burpee, then jumping forward and lifting both arms to overhead in simultaneous movement).  In my head, I thought this would be easy, but it was my hardest Crossfit workout for a while.  I love it. Strength: 5×5 squats.

Thursday: Rest day.  20 minutes of walking.

Friday: 4 miles total, 6x200m intervals at 6:00 pace. Crossfit: 5 RFT: 5xpush-ups, 10xsit-ups, 15xsquats.

Saturday: 4 easy miles (8:34-9:00 pace), climbing for 45 minutes, then the long drive to Memphis.

Sunday: Stanky Creek 25k plus 1.5 mile warm-up (recap coming this week).

Total: 41 miles total

Race recap coming soon, ready for a few easy run days before I jump back into training.

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  1. Look forward to a race recap! Do you taper your cross fit workouts during taper as well? I don’t do CF, but I do try and fit in a bootcamp style class at least once a week – I find I don’t do it at least for the week before a big race, but I’m never sure whether I should lay off longer.

    1. I do – but they are modified, especially in the last few days to the race. I focus on squats at the Monday/Tuesday of the taper week, a “regular” crossfit with no heavy leg emphasis, and then the easy push-up, sit-up, squats recovery crossfit two days before. It’s what the plan recommends – and so far, I’m happy with it.