Cilantro’s Training Log – 7.3.16

Beautiful running weather
Beautiful running weather

I knew at the beginning of the week that I really needed a “high” mileage week (for me, 50+ is high because of the mid-week intervals) to feel like I could do BR50 in a few weeks.  I hit this week hard.

The workouts:

Monday: 8 miles, 6 at sub-8:00 pace.  CrossFit after work: 15 rounds: 5xrows, 5xpush-ups, 5xsit-ups, 5xsquats.

Tuesday: 6 miles, easy. Average 9:00 pace.

Wednesday: 8 miles total, 5 at around 7:30 pace on a tough and hilly course.  1 warm-up, 2 cool-down. CrossFit after work: 3 rounds: 15xKB swings (35 pounds), 15xKBclean&jerk, 15xKB goblet squats (35 pounds), 30xone-armed KB swings.

Thursday: 6 miles, 4×3:30 8:10 pace, 3:00 recovery.  CrossFit after work: 4 rounds: 20xlunges, 20xdips, 20xjumping jacks.  5×5 deadlifts.

Friday: 5 miles, very easy (an average 10:50 pace).  Needed for recovery. I kept my HR below 131

Saturday: 24 miles, HR below 131, average 10:00 pace.  Really happy with how this felt, aside from treadmill boredom. I needed to get a substantial LR under my belt to feel okay and ready for BR50.

And on Sundays, I rest.  Rain meant I couldn’t spend the day at the pool, but have no fear, I plan to spend the day on the couch, watching the tour and Olympic trials instead.  I’m so strangely sports-nerdy.

Total: 57 miles, 3 CrossFit workouts.

Another good week, and I am happy with my training.  I surprised myself with some of the paces I was able to maintain (7:30 for 5 miles in the middle of a hard training week on a tough course).  This week, I also felt like I was able to pull from what I’m calling my runner “toolkit” in order to make it through some of the harder workouts. For example, on the treadmill miles on Saturday, I remembered the strategies I used to make it through 6+ hours on the treadmill when I was training for my never-happened run across the states.  Similarly, CrossFit is teaching me how to hurt.  Despite all of my treadmill miles, ultra running, and past training, I never really allowed myself to know what it was like to hurt so so bad in the middle of a workout.  Thanks to the brief but terrible crossfit workouts, I know what it means to hurt and to push through that hurt. That strength has kept me going on the tempos this week when I just want to slow down so bad.  I don’t, because I know my body is capable of maintaining (and that the pain won’t kill me).  Some of the hills I run on for my tempos are epic (and I maintain a 7:00 pace without them) but I am pushing through them and even, frankly, enjoying how bad they suck because I know I’m getting stronger with every workout.  For the first time, I’m not just motivated to train because of a race, but I’m motivated because I can see the improvements every week (excepting the bad ones, you get it). Yay for CrossFit.

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