Cilantro’s Training Log – 6.19.16

The green green trails where I run.
The green green trails where I run.

When I left you last week, I was all angst-y because I was worried that I had a stress fracture. That, of course, didn’t keep me from running last week (because it doesn’t hurt whilst I am running, only when I am thinking about it).  But the raised red bruise over my fifth metatarsal had me concerned (although WebMD assured me that I only had bone cancer). Monday, I was tempted to run despite it being my rest day just in case I found out that I had a stress fracture at the doctor later than afternoon (runner’s logic is messed up, yo), but I was able to contain that urge and just did some light walking (1.5 miles) to and from my dr. appointment.  AND, great news, after three hours in the doctor’s office and multiple x-rays, no stress fractures were identified!  I am reservedly happy about this because, of course, stress fractures only show up once the healing has started, but since the critical event happened over two weeks ago, the outlook is good.  Instead, I just have a bursa over that fifth metatarsal and a light sprain.  I was prescribed some anti-inflammatories and crosstraining and sent on my merry way. Since this is my recovery week (every fourth week, no matter is going on), I am okay with a little less running.  As a side note, it’s neat that my injuries always coincide with my recovery weeks.  Well played, world.  And here’s how long “crosstraining” lasted:

Here’s how long “crosstraining” lasted:

Monday: Rest day.  According to my apple watch, I walked 6 miles today.

Tuesday:  EPIC CrossFit workout.  1000 meters rowed, 175 9 pound medicine ball to wall squats, and a 1500 meter row to cool down.  Then I did 3×5 100 pound deadlifts (a PR) and finished with 15 mintues on the elliptical.  I’m still mad though because despite being exhausted, my apple watch (AKA satan) said I only burned 368 calories.  This messes with my HEAD, yo.

Wednesday:  I woke up with the best of intentions and headed to the gym to do my CrossFit endurance workout on the bike (1-x1:30, 1:00 intervals + warm-up and cool-down).  But I only burned 250 calories according to the devil sitting on my left wrist) so I decided I needed to go back to the gym at lunch and since I was there, I just decided to do three easy miles instead on another dreadful 30 minutes on the elliptical.  Luckily, the run felt fine and I felt no ill effects 5 hours later (knock on wood).  I rationalized that this was okay because the doctor just sad to cross train for a “few” days.  She didn’t specify how many days a few is and I didn’t ask. Therefore, I was well within the doctor’s orders.  Or something.

CrossFit after work: 3 times: 15 25-pound kettlebell swings, 15×1-armed KB clean & jerk, 15xKB squat, 30×1-armed KB swing.  This kicked my butt.  I was dripping with sweat when I was done.

Thursday: CFE workout: 3×4:00 at marathon pace (7:30), 3:00 recovery.  6 miles total, no pain.  I LOVE RUNNING. Crossfit after work: Warm-up: 10 walking lunges, 5 push-ups, 15 jumping jacks. CF workout: 5×50 mountain climbers, 25 sit-ups.  Strength: 5×5 Biceps.

Friday: Active Recovery day (although I wanted to run so bad, I knew it’d negatively affect my long run tomorrow, so I restrained myself).  50 minutes on the elliptical, 25 minutes swimming.  It’s my first swim this year, and it felt so good.  I definitely need to get in regular pool time for my mental and physical health.

Saturday: 12 miles, really not my best.  I just wasn’t feeling like running but told myself I’d feel it once I got outside.  I made it about 2 miles into my run and just wasn’t feeling it.  I was listening to Fitzgerald’s book on mental training and that made it worse as I knew, aside from a nagging blister on my non-bursitis foot, I should have been just fine so my struggles were all mental.  My watch started acting funky and, it was the last straw for the run. I stopped my watch and slow-jogged home, fighting back tears. I felt like I needed to do something active, so I went to the gym to use the elliptical, but when I got there, I decided to see how the ‘mill felt.  It didn’t feel great but it didn’t feel terrible, so I finished my planned 12 miles for the day.  Then, I went home and changed into my bathing suit, and slept by the pool for the rest of the day (with sunscreen of course, ain’t no one got time for skin cancer).

Sunday: After yesterday’s run, I realized I needed a real rest day. As such, today I did about 5 minutes of yoga (even that was too taxing, ha).  And spent the rest of the day by the pool.

Totals: 21 miles total, a significant decrease.  I’m not happy with this week and I’d sooner forget it, but I’ll pay for it later if I don’t remember this week and recover.

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    1. I know! It’s just so hard, and especially when I’m not only not running, but I also feel like I’m gaining weight at an incredibly fast rate! It just messes with my head!

  1. Like Jesse says – think long-term. Which is easy for me to say since I have never been injured. 🙂

    As for the calorie thing – I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!

    My son gained the ‘freshman 20’ and Lisa wanted to lose some weight, so we all started with MyFitnessPal … and since I am an engineer/statistician, I am all about the numbers, and since I have ‘issues’ with food, I *way* overthink it all. Like yesterday when I went for a 19 mile run, and had my Garmin FR 225 positioned wrong & too tight so the heart rate reading was way off … and it messed up my calorie counts! Ugh – no fair! But yeah, that whole thing is probably not healthy for me I decided as I am sure I am losing weight in spite of sticking to ‘the plan’ of keeping weight constant. Um, yeah.

    And I had to totally laugh at the ‘runner logic’ – makes sense to me!

    1. Yes, for sure – it’s those numbers that have a huge effect on how I feel, when, in reality, I don’t know that they are even based in fact. The problem is, because they are numbers, they become my reality, whether they are “true” or not. It’s definitely something that I will need to acknowledge and then actively counteract probably throughout my life. It also definitely leads to overtraining, which impacts every aspect of my life.

    1. I just think Saturday’s complete fail of a run, combined with how little running I did, and just feeling heavy all week makes me hope I never have a week like this again. Of course, I will, but a girl can dream.