Cilantro’s Training Log – 4.28.2013

If this training log seems dull, or dismal (not to mention how late it is), then rest assured it is not because of my runs last week (they were mostly awesome), but because I got home from Vegas last night at midnight.

And woke up at 5 am for my Monday run.

Running is awesome, but maybe not as awesome on 5 hours of sleep and post-PR Saturday half-marathon.

Yes, a PR by 6 minutes!  Best half-marathon EVER and on a crazy tough course.  More about that in a recap (coming soon to a Salty Running post near you).

Weekly stats:

Sunday: 6 painful, post-SL Marathon miles.  Kicked my bootay.

Monday: 10 miles, hills.  Felt amazing.  Recovery rocks when you spend an hour a night foam rolling.

Tuesday: 12 miles, easy.

Wednesday: Off, sports massage after work.  My sports massage therapist is a genius.

Thursday: 9 miles, speed intervals AFTER work.  I’m a morning runner.  This post-work run was super hard and my legs felt like they were coated in lead.

Friday: 9 miles, tempo run.

Saturday: 14 miles (13.1 in a half-marathon PR)

Total: 60 miles

Last week of real training before I start to taper.  I’m running most of the Provo City Marathon on Saturday for my final (very easy) long run, and then it’s TAPER time. For the first time ever, I will give a huge sigh of relief if (when?) I reach my taper injury free.  It’s been an intense training cycle and I’m ready to reap the benefits of the training and a taper!

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