Cilantro’s Training Log – 2.3.2014

You might think that this training log is two weeks late.

But it’s not.  You see, I got the flu and took an entire week plus a day or two completely off.  Last week I was able to do some running, but I took it slow and took some extra recovery days to ease back into running and ultra training.

Week of Jan 19- Jan 25:

Sunday – Saturday: 0 miles logged.  If I had a pedometer, some days it would have been close to zero.  This flu hit me hard!

Week of Jan 26-Feb 1:  I told myself from the outset that I’d do what I could this week without expectations.  This was “running by feel” at it’s best!

Sunday: This is normally my rest day, although that’ll change next week as I return to the gainfully employed world.  I really still needed an additional day of rest, and I took it!

Monday: 4 miles.  These were slow and tough. I did a long warm-up and cool down after, but these miles were still pretty hard.

Tuesday: 7 miles.  I was surprisingly feeling better, but these miles still wiped me out!

Wednesday: 9 miles with some light intervals.  This was really my first “good” run – where I felt good after and felt like I could keep running.  I didn’t want to push things too far, however, so I cut this run short after 9 miles.

Thursday: Rest day (and I needed it)

Friday: 13 miles.  I took these super easy and did regular walk breaks.  I stopped because my lungs were starting to feel a little rough, and I had a runny nose after the run.  I decided that it was definitely time for a little more rest and took it easy the rest of the day.

Saturday: Rest day.  The chest + runny nose from the day before scared me silly and I took the day off from running (and really moving) to ensure that I didn’t get sick again.  It worked too – by the end of the day, I was finally feeling good again, and got in a light yoga session to stretch out from the run the day before.

Total: 33 miles

Spoiler alert: I took Sunday off too which I really needed to do.  I’m finally feeling better though, and feel like this next week will be a great one for training!

Ultrarunner, adventurer, academic, and feminist. Running Across the USA in 2021. I write about ultrarunning, adventuring, and the intersection of endurance athletics and life.

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