Cilantro’s Training Log – 12.9.2012

It’s week two post-marathon, and I’m almost back at 100% (or at least my quads are.  I think it’ll take a little longer for me to mentally prepare for the next 26.2).  Credit for this recovery must be given, at least in part, to the Urban Yoga Spa in Seattle, where I spent most of last week letting hot yoga do it’s restorative thing.  I’ve also lost almost all of the pre-marathon weight I gained before the Seattle Marathon.  I must be the only person in the world that gains weight training for a marathon.

Last week’s workout looked like this:

Sunday (one week from the Seattle Marathon): 7 miles running

Monday: 60 mn elliptical, 20 mn rowing

Tuesday: AM Hot Hatha Yoga, 4.5 miles running and PM Hot Power Yoga

Wednesday: 7 miles running, treadmill, Hot Hatha Yoga at night

Thursday: 6 miles running, treadmill

Friday: 90 minutes, elliptical, strength training

Saturday: 12 miles, treamill

Since I’m heading into the maintenance cycle of my training period, I’m going to try to stay around 35 miles weekly so I don’t lose too much endurance before it’s time to start training again (this week I hit 36.5 miles).  I’m going to focus on strength training and yoga so I’m in better shaper pysically and mentally when it’s time to start training again.

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