Cilantro’s Training Log – 10.29.2012

As I mentioned in last week’s post, I normally exceed the planned mileage for my training plan.  Part of the reason is that I simply like to run.  If I’m feeling a run, I keep running.  Period.  The other reason is that I usually replace cross training and rest days with more running.  Because I like running.

But this week, I was shocked by how much I exceeded my planned mileage.

I planned to run 41 miles.  I actually ran 70.

No wonder I only ran 21 of the planned 22 miles for my long run this weekend.  My body is FOR REAL tired.

After the initial shock work off, I realized what happened.  The biggest reason I so completely exceeded my mileage this week is the schedule of my long runs.  On the weekends I am in North Dakota, my long runs are on Sunday, because class starts at 8 am.  Every other weekend, my long runs are on Saturday, because I have church at 10.  There is no WAY I can fit in 3-4 hours of running before church.  Last week, I ran my long run on Sunday, and then on Saturday of that week.

I learned a lesson in listening to my body this week.  Although I’ve got a BIG-sized post about this in the works, I realized that my cross-training was actually counteracting the actual goal of cross-training, which is to give my body a break from the pounding that running can be on our joints.  Last in 2011 and during the summer this year, I had a rather dehabilitating hip/groin injury that I had attributed to running.  Long story short, I realized that it was actually being exacerbated by the elliptical and recumbent bicycle (and may have even causeed it).  I’ve stopped all non-treadmill crosstraining and the pain is almost completely gone.  Best day ever.

And, as a result, my mileage is skyrocketing.

One last important thing to note: I took a real rest day.  No running, ellipticizing, walking, anything.

And I was crazy-sore the next day.  Lesson learned, my rest days need to actually include movement, just not high-impact running.  The lactic acid build-up in my muscles must be crazy!

It’s another North Dakota weekend, so expect this week’s mileage to be low – unless I am inspired to run outside in frozen ND weather!

Happy running!


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