Cilantro’s Training Log – 10.21.2012

I’m training for the Seattle Marathon on November 25th with a super-compressed training plan because I was sidelined by appendicitis and couldn’t start training until almost the end of September.  I was running around 25 miles weekly with a long run of 12 miles, so I felt like I could train for a marathon safely as long as I follow the my rules of healthy running:

  • Stretch
  • Ice Bath
  • Sports Massage
  • New shoes (if appropriate)
  • Average 8 hours of sleep nightly
  • Rest/easy days

I’m trying, but I don’t always hit each of these – and I need to.  I’ve been sidelined before with injury, and I have to be super-careful not to get injured, especially when I’m ramping up my mileage as much as I am during this plan.

My mileage was low last week.  Way low.

Since I had class in North Dakota this weekend, and Saturday’s class starts at 8 am, there is no way I could fit in my long run (20 miles) unless I woke up at 3 am which is really 2 am Utah time to run.  On a treadmill.  In a hotel.

So long run was scheduled for Sunday morning, also in Bismarck, but at a much more manageable time (read: 7 am).

For the first time in the history of my marathon training, I actually was under my scheduled mileage for the week.

But I actually think it was a good thing, since the week before had two long runs (16 and 18 miles).   I needed the “break.”

This week, however, I’ll have two long runs in the same week again, so I definitely need to focus on my “rules of healthy running.”  Time to schedule a sports massage!

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