Cilantro’s 2015 Run Across the USA

Just 42 miles a day! (Photo credit: NinJA999)

Tomorrow is our nation’s birthday and what better way to celebrate than to run across the lower 48! I’m not kidding.

For years, I’ve wanted to run across the United States. As awesome as that sounds I’ve been hesitant to do it. First because it’s, well, far. Second is the whole time and money thing. But now with a few ultras under my belt and as I enter my last year of PhD coursework and plan for my dissertation research, suddenly the summer of 2015 is the right time to do it. And since it might be my last summer in the US, it also might be my last opportunity to try to break the female record which is 2,800 miles in less than 68 days (Around 42 miles per day).

And most importantly, I have a mission.

Along with attempting to break the female record for a transamerica run, I’m also running for sexual violence awareness and prevention, and raising money for RAINN. It’s a cause that I am passionate about and also one fraught with misconceptions and secrecy. Sexual Violence Awareness and Rape Prevention aren’t issues that get a lot of press. In fact, more often we hear about these things being “pushed under the rug” like on college campuses, and even the larger Catholic Church sexual abuse scandals. This is not a topic we like to talk about in the United States. But 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men will be a victim of a sexual assault in their lifetime. This is unacceptable, and I hope that by running a little under two marathons for 67 days, that will give us all 67 days to talk about it.

This one...
This one… (Photo credit: davidciani)

Although I am a little less than a year away from the run start (I’ll begin in late May 2015 in New York City), I have a lot of planning to do. On that list is, of course, finding the necessary sponsors for the run, setting up the fundraising avenues and training. FIrst, I’ve created a fundraising site where you can donate to support the run. The GoFundMe page is where you can donate to support the run, which will help with anything sponsors don’t surprise, such as travel, fuel, and hotels. Any money raised and not used for the run will be donated to RAINN. Throughout the course of the run, my goal is to raise $50,000 dollars to help victims of sexual violence and raise awareness, and you can donate there to help me reach that goal. Every dollar helps.

I’m also looking for corporate or brand sponsorships to help with the following items:

– 8 pairs of running shoes
– Accommodations for at least 70 nights (68 across the USA)
– Support vehicle & fuel
– Nutrition for 68+ days of running (5,000 calories per day)
– Hydration for 68+ days of running
– 68 days of sunscreen (and other general hygiene products)
– Support team (at least one person to drive the car, follow my route, and provide general support)

Most important, I’d love to have you join for all or some of any part of the daily runs. I will start in New York and run to San Francisco, so while I can estimate where I’ll be, the daily actual route will change, so the best way to join in and follow along will be to follow my progress, which I will update on my blog and on the gluten-free treadmill’s Facebook.

I’d love any support, social media love, tips and advice you have!

Here’s what YOU can do:

You can donate on my gofundme page.

You can read more about my plans on my personal blog and Facebook page.

Please share this with anyone you think might be able to help.

Thank you!

Ultrarunner, adventurer, academic, and feminist. Running Across the USA in 2021. I write about ultrarunning, adventuring, and the intersection of endurance athletics and life.

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  1. I love seeing people do BIG things!
    You’ve made my morning … snapping me out of the humdrum and reminding me that anything and everything is a possibility, if I just let it see the light of day.

    Good luck to you on your quest! I’m looking forward to reading your updates and watching your progress. So exciting … ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You are so inspiring! I can’t wait to follow your journey, and I’m going to start spreading the word about your cause and gofundme page.

    1. It’s definitely a cause that is so important – and one that I’m passionate about, which I think was necessary to truly be able to push myself for something bigger than me. Thank you for your comment and support!

  3. I know a guy who is doing the Race Across American–he lives here in Boulder. James Lincoln. I ran with him a few months ago, and he told me all about it. I was in complete awe about the entire thing. Simply amazing!!! I wish you well. Will you be in Colorado as part of your quest?

  4. Wow what an epically awesome adventure to take on while raising awareness for such a good cause. I think you should seek out the wonderful founders of RoadID (Edward Wimmer and Wimmer) for sponsorship. My first thought was they could design/offer a special “badge” for RAINN awareness that people could buy and wear on their ID bracelets and part of the profits could be donated to your run across the USA. I know they do a specific badge for autism awareness so they do help with awareness programs. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  5. Ha I thought I recognized you! I live an hour outside of Grand Forks and got a paper today with you on the front cover! (I am pretty sure anyways! Is it you?!?!) Good luck with your endeavors!!! It was the Northern Watch!