Cilanto’s Training Log – 11.3.2013

Best running week ever?

Maybe not, but it was still a pretty great week because of the way it started.  I completed my first ultra-marathon last Sunday (read the recap here), which kicked my weekly mileage up to 36 miles (I still can’t believe I did it).  I had some pain on the left side of my left foot and some quad pain that stopped getting better every day on Wednesday.  I decided it was a sign that I needed to take some complete days off (no yoga, biking, anything) and by Saturday morning, the pain in my foot was completely gone and the quad pain was a mere twinge.  So, of course, I went for a run!

Apparently days off DO work.  The old me would have never been able to stomach it.  Training-wise, I took a few days easy, but still logged an impressive week.

Sunday: 36 miles (END-TRAILS Ultra)

Monday: No running, 20 easy minutes on the bike followed by yoga

Tuesday: 6 miles, easy and arms yoga

Wednesday: 6 miles, easy

Thursday: off

Friday: off

Saturday: 14 miles, trails

Weekly stats: 62 miles (36 racing)

I’m changing my mindset a little bit – it’s about staying healthy and recovering so I can run forever.  I don’t want an injury or overtraining to stop me again, so I’m determined to take recovery just as seriously as training so I can run until I’m 87 (or older)!

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