Chive’s Training Log 8/28/16

Post-long-run 20mi bike ride

Monday: 11mi easy–last day at my parents’ in Wisconsin. Did the first couple miles with my dad then solo. Felt good and got in a few miles on trails by the lake, which was beautiful. Stopped to pick a couple peaches at my old high school.

Tuesday AM: 8mi easy–with C! Good run.
Tuesday PM: 3mi easy

Wednesday: 9.5mi track workout–with C. He led some intervals and I led some. 2k, 4x1k, 8x200m, with short rests. The 2k was at 6:30 pace, which felt pretty relaxed; the 1ks at 6:15-6:30 pace, which felt fine; and the 200s all around 43s, during which I got into a good rhythm. The times are all a solid amount slower than other workouts when I look back over my log, but I think some of that is just because we planned it to be slower. If I’d set faster goal paces, I probably could have, within reason.

Thursday: 10mi easy–slow solo 10 in the morning before setting off on our trip to VT! Felt pretty tired.

Friday: 16mi Long Run–14 with C then finished up solo while he drove the car back to the campsite. Felt good, then tired over the last couple miles. Humid out. Nice lake swim after then a relaxed 20mi bike ride. Exhausted by the end of the day.

Saturday: 10mi easy–with C. One of our favorite runs from when we lived here. Felt a bit tired. Ended at the Farmers’ Market and had some good food.

Sunday AM: 4.5mi easy–with C. Tried to do some of the trails in the state park where we were camping but what we tried was either really steep or really technical so we quickly wimped out and ran on the road, which was still hilly. Went for a 6 or 7mi hike after.
Sunday PM: 3mi easy–solo, and felt weirdly great. Swimming after.

Total: 75mi. Awesome vacation and I’m happy with the mileage. Looking forward to getting into some workouts that will test my fitness.

I am a runner based in Boston. I am also an AmeriCorps member and soon-to-be grad student. I like to write about gender disparities in running and the mental aspects of training and racing.

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