Chive’s Training log – 8.21.16

Post-run with dad!

My summer job ended and I did my first real workout.

8/8 10mi easy–6mi with C then alone. Felt pretty decent after yesterday’s 20 miles.
8/9 8mi easy–6 or 7 with C. Felt pretty beat, worse than yesterday.
8/10 9mi Fartlek–relatively informal solo workout on the Charles. Did 2x7min, 2x4min, 2x1min hard segments, with 3min jogs after the 7s, 90s jogs after the 4s and 60s jogs after the 1s. No real idea on pace, but the 7min segments were not fast and the 1min segments were–or at least felt–very fast.
8/11 8mi easy–w/ C. Very exhausted. Glutes were pretty sore, which I thought was from the pickups before remembering that I did jump lunges with the kids at camp yesterday.
8/12 6.5mi easy–w/ C. Had planned on 8 but I was so tired and had been feeling kind of dizzy and headachy since yesterday morning, so I went a bit shorter. Another hot day.
8/13 16mi Long Run–first 10mi with C then dropped him off at the train to go home while I did some more. Felt decent given how tired I have been feeling, but my stomach was not happy due to eating too much watermelon before this run. Chilled on the couch and watched Olympics for most of the rest of Saturday.
8/14 7mi easy–Went to NH today to hike Mt Monadnock with assorted former teammates. It was fun but hiking is always way harder than I expect it to be and I also got stung by a wasp on my left thigh, which swelled up pretty big and hurt a lot. Anyway, came back and ran 7mi in 95deg weather with J and his teammate. Given the heat, the hike, and all the weird foods I ate all day, I expected to feel horrendous, but actually didn’t feel too bad.
Total: 64.5mi
8/15 10mi easy–first 7 or 8 with C. My body was sore from hiking, even my arms. Should probably start doing pushups more…
8/16 8mi easy–first 7 with C. My wasp sting from the hike was still very swollen and it was kind of throwing off my whole left leg: quad/hamstring sore and the calf felt sort of tingly. Last day of work.
8/17 AM 10mi–5 mile tempo, with C. I had planned on 6 miles at about 6:30 pace but C suggested 5 at 6:40 and I’m glad I took him up on it because my original plan would have been a struggle. It was hot and humid which made it a grind. Consistently hit 6:40 or a bit under for all the miles but was disappointed by how rough it felt.
8/17 PM 3mi easy–first double in a while. My legs are definitely not used to running in the afternoon but I don’t think they felt especially bad from the tempo.
8/18 8mi easy–in Wisconsin visiting my parents. My mom biked with me on this one. It was fairly hot out since I did this at about 4:30 due to traveling in the morning. My legs didn’t feel great but once I settled in I was running about 7:30 pace anyway.

8/19 16.5mi Long Run–first 27min with dad at a fairly slow pace, then solo. Fun to run with him and I think starting off slow helped me feel better overall. Did a few embedded strides in the last mile. Legs were quite tired the last 20-30min as usual, but good besides that.

8/20 AM 4.5mi easy–with dad. There was a half marathon going on and we ran alongside them for a little bit. It was rainy and cool–my kind of racing weather. I sort of wished I had raced but I don’t think I’m really in shape for that right now.
Saturday PM 4.5mi easy–solo.
8/21 10.5mi easy–first 18min with dad, then alone for a few minutes then mom caught up to me on her bike. Nice to have so much company on this. After 10.5 around the lake dad picked me up at our favorite bakery and we got some great pastries which we ate while watching the men’s marathon.
Total: 75mi.
I think my base fitness is pretty good right now but I’m ready to step it up and get into serious workouts. I feel like my race fitness is way behind where it was last year at this time, which makes sense since last year in mid/late August I had 6 weeks of quality workouts under my belt. Hopefully it will build quickly.

I am a runner based in Boston. I am also an AmeriCorps member and soon-to-be grad student. I like to write about gender disparities in running and the mental aspects of training and racing.

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