Chive’s training log – 6.26.16

This week marked the end of my spring “racing season”. Racing two weekends in a row, I planned to take this week light on mileage, with normal mileage on Monday and Tuesday, then easy running the rest of the week to feel good going into Sunday’s 10k.
Monday–solo 9 miles on the Charles. I felt a bit tired from racing yesterday, but basically good.
Tuesday–10 miles with best friend and boyfriend (for a few miles). Did 4 strides embedded in the last half mile.
Wednesday–Short track tune-up: 1600 in 3:08/2:58 for 6:07 total, followed by 4×200 in 42 down to 40 seconds, followed by 4x100ish strides. Took about 90 seconds after the 1600, and short rest (under 60s) after the 200s. Felt pretty good on the mile. I’ve been avoiding anything under 40s 200 pace since it seemed to be aggravating my hamstring. 40sec 200s feel fairly controlled.
Thursday–7.5 miles on the Emerald Necklace with friend C.
Friday–3 miles with boyfriend.
Saturday–6 miles with boyfriend and my dad for various parts. Took it pretty slow, felt loose by the end. 4 strides after.
chive10kSunday–10k race in 39:03. This was the race where I set my 10k road PR of 38:18 last year. Despite some setbacks (months-long undiagnosed ankle/foot injury), I felt like my fitness was starting to come together and hoped to get close to my time from last year. Unfortunately, it was warm and very sunny out, and I 
felt generally crappy the whole time. In my hot races of last summer/fall I fell apart dramatically, in one race slowing from 6:05 first mile to 7:00-plus final mile. The best I can say about this race was that it was not that bad. Splits were 19:27/19:36. I held it together. Due to faulty mental arithmetic at 9k, I thought breaking 39 was impossible, so I didn’t kick as hard as I could/should have. Disappointing that the weather didn’t cooperate but I think I did a decent job given the conditions. So nice to have my parents, best friend, boyfriend, and boyfriend’s parents all there to support me.
Total: 55 miles.

I am a runner based in Boston. I am also an AmeriCorps member and soon-to-be grad student. I like to write about gender disparities in running and the mental aspects of training and racing.

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