Chive’s Training Log – 10.23.16 and 10.30.16

Monday 9mi easy: with C. Legs were very tired from workout yesterday.

Tuesday AM 9mi easy: with C, legs felt bad again.

Tuesday PM 3mi easy: felt surprisingly good.

Wednesday 10mi: with my best friend C and other friend C. Felt like we were going super fast but maybe we actually weren’t. It was so humid out, just pouring sweat.

Thursday AM Track workout 10mi: 1600, 2×1200, 3×400, 3×200. With C and N. Cooler out today which was nice. All of it felt decent, and it was nice to move quicker than I have in a while (around 86 for the 400s, 39-40 for 200s). The 1200s at just above 6-minute pace did not feel as easy as I would have liked, oh well.

Thursday PM 3.5mi: legs felt terrific.

Friday AM 6mi easy.

Friday PM 3mi easy.

Mayor’s Cup XC

Saturday 6mi easy: strides after.

Sunday Mayor’s Cup XC 5k: slow time of 19:54, which was a big bummer and put in me in a bad mood about running that I have yet to emerge from. I didn’t get any splits during it, and I was pretty shocked by the time. Though I knew I was a bit rusty from having basically not raced all season, I thought I executed the race as I planned to, and assumed that should lead to a decent time instead of a time 35 seconds slower than the last time I ran this race. There are some reasonable explanations for it being a bit slower (very windy, not-great footing, not being race-sharp), but some of it just seems beyond explanation so I’m trying not to think about it too much and move forward.

Sunday PM 2.5mi easy: with C. Leg felt surprisingly good.

Monday 9mi easy: with C, pretty dark out. Felt fine.

Tuesday AM Hill Loop 2: in about 71min, close to my fastest time I think. Didn’t feel like I had much power on the hills but I felt good and loose on the flatter parts and probably ran those faster than I would have with company.

Tuesday PM 3mi easy: felt good, dark out!

Wednesday 10mi easy: with C and C. Felt pretty good. Did a few strides. My hamstring has not been in great shape, but never bad enough to really concern me, so I don’t know what to do for that exactly. Trying the to stretch more.

Thursday AM 7mi easy: with C. Felt good.

Thursday PM 3mi easy: solo, felt decent.

Friday AM Track workout: ran to the track with C and C, and met N there. 1600 in 5:51, 2k float alternating 42s and 52s every 200m, 4×400 in 85-87. Took fairly long rests. Everything felt decent, but none of it felt great. The 400s were, weirdly, the hardest part, and I ended up doing just 4 of them instead of 6.

Friday PM 3mi easy: with friends! At my old college to watch the conference XC championships tomorrow. Legs felt kind of bad.

Saturday 14mi long run: with C, C, and K, friend and former teammate. Pretty hilly run, awesome trails. Didn’t feel that good though, as expected.

Sunday 6.5mi easy: with C, C, and K again. Bailed on the 8 mile hillier run we had planned to just to some easy flat trail loops. Did good hamstring stretching before and after and felt somewhat better than expected.

After the race, I’ve been feeling pretty discouraged about running in general. I’m going to stick with my plan for the next couple of weeks through my half marathon, then think about changing some things up. I’ve been working at it for so long with very little actual improvement that I’m beginning to think I need to change something in order to keep moving in the direction I want to go.

I am a runner based in Boston. I am also an AmeriCorps member and soon-to-be grad student. I like to write about gender disparities in running and the mental aspects of training and racing.

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