Chive training log 6.27.16

After the 10k last weekend, I planned to take this week as a break before ramping up mileage for my fall base. The week included a vacation in New Hampshire. Although the running isn’t great where we were, just out and back along one road basically, it was still enjoyable to run with some varied company in the natural NH beauty. Mentally a very restful week.


Monday—3mi with boyfriend (C), best friend (also C), and dad. Walked a bit with my mom afterwards. Legs were tired from the race, but not sore. My parents flew home later Monday.


Tuesday—4.5mi with a college teammate! Fun to run with her but unfortunately she had to cut it short. I felt tired still and didn’t mind doing less than planned.


Wednesday—8mi, including 5 with C.


Thursday—3mi in New Hampshire with C, on his birthday! My stomach was messed up so did less than planned.



Friday—6mi in NH with C’s brother J and his girlfriend A. A is currently on the team I was on in college, but we never overlapped. Fun run. Also did a hike that was about 6 miles total.


Saturday—8mi in NH with C, J, and A. Sort of tired.


Sunday—4.5mi in NH solo.

Total: 37 miles


Monday—9.5mi Fourth of July 5-mile race in NH before heading back to Boston in the afternoon. Hilliest course I’ve ever run, third and fourth miles have some crazy uphills, followed by a 14%-grade downhill in mile 5. C ran the whole thing with me! 32:13, which was 3 seconds slower than when I ran it 2 years ago. I don’t think it’s a full 5 miles because neither time was a full race effort, and 6:26 pace is probably faster than tempo effort on a course this difficult. Third place woman. Quads are totally destroyed now.


My plan for the next 6 weeks is to focus on mileage, and to do the bulk of that during the weekends since my current work schedule starts very early and is pretty tiring.

I am a runner based in Boston. I am also an AmeriCorps member and soon-to-be grad student. I like to write about gender disparities in running and the mental aspects of training and racing.

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