Chili’s Training Log – 5.29 & 6.4.17

Lately, I’ve gotten in the habit of doing my easy runs without my Garmin. I’ve noticed that, even though I’m cognitively aware that one is to run based on “feel” versus “pace”, I find it really challenging to run this way. No matter how fatigued I am, if I’m running a “10K pace”, then I run a VERY SPECIFIC pace per mile no matter what I’m feeling.  Of course, this is not helpful, so to support myself, I now practice many days “sans Garmin” and I’m really liking it. I’m also focusing more and more on getting those Bulletproof exercises in 4-5 days per week. I know only too well that when I let this slide, my chances of injury increase immensely. So, with that said, here is last week’s training log:

Monday, May 29: Five easy miles with no Garmin. A lovely run with the dog. Bulletproof exercises. This week, these exercises consisted of:

  1. Curtsy Lunges (20 reps)
  2. Clockface abductor exercises (3 sets of 48 reps on each leg)
  3. Side planks (3 sets of 45 seconds on each side)

Tuesday, May 30: Fartleks. 1,2,3,3,2,1 (minutes) with one minute recovery in between each interval.

Wednesday, May 31: Easy 5 miles with the dog. No Garmin. Upper body workout and Bulletproof exercises.

Thursday, June 1: Stairs and hills combo workout. Total mileage: 5 miles. This was run in a warm rain and it was a killer workout, mostly because of the lack of rest between stairs and consecutive hills.  Definitely a max HR workout where I felt the necessity of opening my mouth as much as possible to get the most oxygen in the body.

Friday, June 2:  OFF

Saturday, June 3: Coach was using this workout as a race simulation.  It was a combo workout of hills, mile repeats and track work. Total mileage was 7.5 miles. I really felt this workout because it started with hills and went into mile repeats. My legs and lungs were worked!  THEN, I did the Bulletproof exercises!

Sunday, June 4: 3.5 mile easy run with the dog. No Garmin. Nice! Bulletproof exercises and upper body workout.

As a very cool side note, I outraced “Flap Jill”, the female running pancake, in the Eugene Marathon 5K this year, which means that I am the proud recipient of a year’s worth of pancake mix!  I’m open to suggestions as to what to do with a year’s supply of Krusteaz. In all honesty, I think the pancake mix should go to the running pancakes.  Can you even IMAGINE what it must be like to running in a pancake suit?

Hello! This is Chili. I'm originally from Newfoundland and I currently reside in Eugene, Oregon (otherwise known as "TrackTown USA"). I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice with a specialty in Eating Disorders and Body Image issues. I like to write about the psychological components of racing, the joys of running with others, injury prevention, runners and body image, risk-taking in racing and the experience of being a Masters runner who is relatively new to the sport.

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  1. Okay, first, can we make this the summer of Salty doggie pics?

    Second, I was just looking at the 30-day Bulletproof exercises! Is that what you’re doing? I like a lot of his stuff!

    1. Chicory! Most definitely. I’ve been very “light” on the doggie pics. Believe me. There are plenty to go around on this end! 🙂
      So, the “30-day challenge” is how I started the Bulletproof program. And, seriously, I PR’d in my 5K by a solid 15 seconds after being stagnant for a year. The, I decided to join the Bulletproof Running Program that is a small fee for a year membership but well worth it!

  2. WOWIEE a whole year of pancakes!! There is a lot you can do with pancake mix actually, basically any baking project. Cinnamon rolls seeeeeeem like a magnificent place to start (but that’s just me)