Chili’s Training Log: 4.3.17 – 4.9.17

It was a week back to the grind, as we say. Our family just returned from a Spring Break trip to Hawaii on Saturday and, although it was nice to be back to routine, it was hard to leave those sandy beaches and balmy weather. Fortunately, I am completely in love with my dog and he was joyously awaiting our return. A definite bright spot in our early morning arrival.

Monday, April 3: Five easy miles with Eli through the park near our home. A beautiful, spring-like day (Oh, right! It IS spring!). Just lovely fresh air and birds chirping. A happy-to-be-alive kind of day! Eli was a little sluggish.  He had a lovely ultra marathon runner-woman sit for him (thank you, Chelsea!) so I suspect his week was loaded with miles. for myself, I added in an upper body workout and a Bulletproof Workout ( This week, Bulletproof consisted of Split Squats, Mountain Climbers and Hip Hinges).

Tuesday, April 4: Solid hill workout. I did a hill workout in Hawaii almost a week ago and I have to say that it is “easier” with friends. I did this workout with the group and coach.  5.5 miles. I bought new running shoes! Spring has, indeed, arrived!

Wednesday, April 5: NADA. Day off.

Thursday, April 6: It’s my honey’s birthday so I began the celebrations with a nice leisurely morning with my husband (meaning, we actually got to see each other before he ran off to work). I chose to do the evening group workout today so that I could spend time with him and also just to shake things up a bit.  A 2.5 mile warm-up was followed by 2 consecutive miles of On/Off 440’s on the trail and 4X100m strides. A lovely, short and sweet workout. 5.5 miles.

Friday, April 7: Five easy miles with the “Gentleman” dog.  Same park, same lovely experience.  Had to keep it chill for Saturday’s upcoming challenging 10K workout. I topped things off with a Bulletproof and upper body workout.

Saturday, April 8: A “mirror” workout that alternates track and trail. I got to run with Jim today, a nice surprise because it’s tax season and Jim is an accountant. I thought he wouldn’t be up for air for at least another few weeks. The workout was all run at 10K pace. It began with 800 on the track and then a run to the trail where we ran 2X400 and 3X200, all with a 200m recovery in between. From the trail, we ran back to the track and did the exact same thing. Then, a run back to the trail for another 800m. This was an awesome workout. I felt good. I had great company and I finally felt back to myself after my lizard lounging in Hawaii.

Sunday, April 9: Topped off a good week with 5 miles with Eli. another Bulletproof and upper body workout.

Total mileage: 32. Not bad for a sprinter, eh?

Hello! This is Chili. I'm originally from Newfoundland and I currently reside in Eugene, Oregon (otherwise known as "TrackTown USA"). I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice with a specialty in Eating Disorders and Body Image issues. I like to write about the psychological components of racing, the joys of running with others, injury prevention, runners and body image, risk-taking in racing and the experience of being a Masters runner who is relatively new to the sport.

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  1. That mirror workout sounds so fun! Did you find a lot of variance in the split times, or do you have smooth enough trails that it’s pretty consistent?

    1. Hey Chicory! It was SO MUCH FUN! I’m lucky enough to live in a city where bark trails have been created specifically for running! This was the Adidas Trail in South Eugene and it is perfect for these types of workouts. We have a mile loop and a 1K loop. The 1/4 miles are marked on the mile loop as are the 100m increments on the 1K loop. super great and easy on tired legs!