Chili’s Training Log – 4.23.17

Intention for this week of training: Psych myself up for the “Big 10” on Saturday (gulp).
Coming from me, a former 400 meter track sprinter, this is a LOFTY goal to run TEN miles. But now that I’ve committed myself to racing 10k’s this year, it’s a necessity. So, all week long, I’ve been thinking about Saturday’s long run.

Monday, April 17:  Boston Marathon, baby! No training. Just sitting, eating, giving myself a facial and watching the marathon. And, what a marathon it was.  Just so you know, I will NOT be a marathon runner.  That said, I have a lot of respect for those who choose to race this distance. I live vicariously through marathon runners and I enjoy the experience, of watching marathons, immensely!

Tuesday, April 18: Back on the track with 12 X 400.  I warmed up two miles and then I hit the track.  Each 400 was run at 90%  effort with a 200m jog recovery in between. I got to 8 repeats and then I had to go to the bathroom BADLY.  With much urgency, I ran straight to the bathrooms to find that they were LOCKED. Needless to say, the mental and physical effort required to complete 4 more 400’s was epic. Yet, I persevered and completed these 400’s, but not without breaking into a clammy sweat and an exceptionally high heart rate. Man, was I happy to have completed that workout. Total 6+ miles.

Wednesday, April 19: five easy miles along with the Bulletproof workout and upper body strengthening. Felt quite good.

Thursday, April 20:  6 + miles with hills, and lots of them!  Felt good and strong today. I had a muscle spasm in my right rhomboid and my coach noticed, right away, that I was running at an angle. I think the rhomboid was the culprit. Legs felt good, though and the pace felt honest.

Friday, April 21: Work seminar all day so I took the day off from running but I did do my Bulletproof workouts and some upper body strengthening. I focused on psyching myself up for tomorrow’s 10 miles.

Saturday, April 22:  This is it. Ten miles planned. I choose to run this baby by myself, without the dog (why would I put him through this distress?) at 7:30AM. I  decided to do the first 5 miles in a loop from my house and back and then evaluate the body and soul.  Everything was good at five, so I headed back down the country road for another mile and a half down and another mile and a half back home again.  Eight miles.  How did I feel?  Good!  Okay. Two miles to go.  As I went into the 9th mile I began to tank. Yep. It was time for those figs to come out–the ones that I packed in my waist belt. One fig, two figs and, PRESTO! Before I knew it,  I was at one mile to go! Wow. How do ultra-marathoners do this distance times 10?? I thought on this and then distracted myself and pulled it together. I’m felt better after the figs. I’d been running one hour and 20 minutes. I’d never done this before. I willed myself into a sub-eight minute mile for the final mile of the run. And, I’m done (done in!). Ten miles. I did it! Lots of chocolate milk and lots of warm clothing afterwards. I had run my “marathon” and I was feeling pretty proud of it! My old track coach would have been impressed. 🙂

Sunday, April 23: Ran 3 easy miles with the dog, Bulletproof exercises and upper body strengthening work.

Ta Da!  30 miles.

Hello! This is Chili. I'm originally from Newfoundland and I currently reside in Eugene, Oregon (otherwise known as "TrackTown USA"). I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice with a specialty in Eating Disorders and Body Image issues. I like to write about the psychological components of racing, the joys of running with others, injury prevention, runners and body image, risk-taking in racing and the experience of being a Masters runner who is relatively new to the sport.

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