Chili’s Training log: 04.10 – 04.16

I began this week with the intention of “leaning in” to running and taking it day-by-day. I’ve been somewhat tired and swamped at work this week, having taken on an extra client load. There is always an adaptation period for me.

Monday, April 10: Began with a 5 mile easy run on Pre’s Trail. I had the intention of running 6 but I was dog-tired (literally) today so I listened to my body and cut it short. I was super tired all day today and it took me much of the day to feel like myself.

Tuesday, April 11: A nice mix of trail track and road. ย Finally feeling “normal” again, I started the day with a nice 2-mile warm-up with Eli and then went into a workout that consisted of 3 loops on the trail of 600m @ 10K effort, 200m JR, 100m stride, 50m JR, 50m walk. I repeated this three times.

From here, I ran to the hilly cemetery and did one loop of ย lung expanding hill work before running back, this time, to the track to finish off the workout with 2 X 400m repeats. All in all, an excellent day. Total of 6+ miles.

Wednesday, April 12: OFF ๐Ÿ™‚

Thursday, April 13: This was an evening workout at 6pm. My body was compromised after a long day at the office and I felt it. Tonight’s workout was a tempo paced 10K within the context of a race: The Oregon Track Club’s Monthly Race Series. As many of us know, tempo runs are challenging, and for me, a 6-mile tempo is nothing short of pure suffering.

It’s somewhat “easier” psychologically, though, within the context of a race. So, I toed the line and went for it. The first three miles felt pretty good but as I came around for the second loop of the two-loop course, I was beginning to doubt whether or not I could complete the next three miles. I’d started at a pace of 6:57 but each mile had gotten gradually slower and my mind began questioning why I was doing this.

Fortunately for me, a guy came up from behind and began to lead. I made a decision in the last 1.5 miles to hop onto his back while the skies fell with rain, gusty wind and hail. My only concern was to stay with him. We crossed the line, one second apart, and he got me to my 6:58/mile pace… Bingo! Exactly what I wanted.

Friday, April 14: 4 miles easy with the dog in the late afternoon. No watch. No cares. Just running.

Saturday, April 15: ย Two mile warm-up with the pup. Then I joined the group for a one-mile loop on the trail at 10K pace, a jog to a gravel road and two 200m hard strides, a jog back to the trail and into a short Fartlek of varying paces and back into 1/2 mile at 10K pace. Finished the workout with 2 X 400m on the trail, just in time to watch the start of the Easter Egg Stash Dash. Super day.

Sunday, April 16: Another awesome negative-split 6-mile run with the dog. Upper body workout and core. Done!

Total Mileage: 34 miles.

Tomorrow we watch the Boston Marathon! Woo Hoo!

Hello! This is Chili. I'm originally from Newfoundland and I currently reside in Eugene, Oregon (otherwise known as "TrackTown USA"). I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice with a specialty in Eating Disorders and Body Image issues. I like to write about the psychological components of racing, the joys of running with others, injury prevention, runners and body image, risk-taking in racing and the experience of being a Masters runner who is relatively new to the sport.

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    1. Rather enjoyable, even! This week I will attempt my first 10-mile run! ?
      I’m sure a post will come out of it!