Chicory’s Training Log – 11.20.16

Recovery week 2 after the Monumental Marathon. Last week I was still riding a bit of an emotional high from the race, but it faded this week and I probably got the rest I actually needed. Coach’s instructions were 3-4 runs of 3-6 miles for 10-18 miles total. Um … I was close.

Monday: 4 miles on the treadmill, 32 minutes. Was going to listen to a podcast but that actually didn’t end up happening. Taught a Pilates demo for the gym’s “Learn to Exercise” class after.

Twins, right?

Tuesday: 4 miles on trails, 37 minutes. I’ve got a trail “race” coming up in December (probably just running it easy with friends) and need to get my trail legs (feet/ankles) back. Did this after getting my hair cut and had my stylist braid my hair like Lauren Fleshmen in the Roka sunglasses ad.

Wednesday: 4 miles with a friend, 34 minutes. Taught Pilates after.

Thursday: No running — figured running four days in a row was not what coach meant. Thought about going to spin but it seemed to aggravate my hamstring or piriformis or something in my butt. Taught Pilates Strength in the evening and called it a day.

Friday: Total rest day. Had a lot going on at work including a dinner, and squeezing in a workout just seemed like too much hassle. Opted for happy hour with friends instead. That’s what recovery weeks are for, right? I turned down a number of social invites over the past few months because of training. Now I have to log friend time to carry me through the next training season!

Saturday: 4 miles, 32 minutes. Windy (22 mph gusts, 15 mph the rest of the time) and cold. Finally November weather, three weeks in.

My jacket LIGHTS UP.

Sunday: 7 miles, 54 minutes. Shock to the system — 28*, felt like 22. Earlier this week I ran in shorts and a tank top! I ran 5 miles then stopped at Walgreens to pick up photo cards, which were way bulkier than anticipated and made for an awkward 1200 meters home, then I ran to Panera Bread to pick up a bagel and ran home. The bagel was less awkward. My watch was under my sleeve so I checked the mile splits but that was it; it was faster than I expected and I felt way better than anticipated. Sorry, Coach! After running (and writing this post), 45 minutes of yoga thanks to the Jasyoga comprehensive hip/hamstring reset.

Totals: 23 miles running, 2.25 miles walking, 2 Pilates classes taught, 45 minutes yoga.

P.S. Stealing this idea from Mango’s log… What I’m reading: “Quench Your Own Thirst: Business Lessons Learned Over a Beer or Two,” by Jim Koch, founder of Sam Adams. I wanted to read this book after hearing him on the “How I Built This” podcast. The book is good, but you can get a lot of the same insight and humor by listening to the podcast, and that only takes 30 minutes.

Started running in my early 20s and ended up running my first marathon 15 months later. Managed to break 3 hours in my 12th marathon. Pilates instructor passionate about the importance of your powerhouse in running and the mind/body connection. One husband, zero kids, mama to one Australian Shepherd.

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    1. I think I learned from braiding friendship bracelets! But, I can’t look at when I do it. And my stylist braids way tighter than I do and his are more even, haha.