Chicory’s Training Log – 10.30.16

img_8694Six more sleeps until race day.

Taper week 1 = not much taper. Coach doesn’t let off the gas quite as abruptly as some other plans, so this was sort-of business as usual the first half of the week. Plus it was a weird week with a lot of after-work obligations. Stupid taper antics included chafing courtesy of my key on Monday, hitting my knee with a solid wood door on Tuesday, getting attacked by my pants hooks on Tuesday, and stepping in a hole on Thursday and nearly eating sidewalk. This phase of training involves three things: don’t get sick, don’t get hurt, pray for good weather.

Monday: early, easy 8 miles, 65 minutes.

Tuesday: 10 miles, 76 minutes, with 4 miles at steady-state (85% max HR) with surges every 2 minutes at faster-than-5k pace. Sounds easy, but isn’t. I got started way late and ended up on the treadmill because it was already getting dark.

Wednesday: easy 6 at 6 a.m., 51 minutes. Shorter run meant I had so much extra time that I was a half-hour early to work. Got a massage after work then taught Pilates.

Thursday: moderate 8 with strides, 58 minutes. The flop of the week, as I was about 10-15 seconds per mile slower than normal. It was windy and humid and I couldn’t find my groove. No Pilates class after work because I had two different cocktail receptions to attend (yet only had one cocktail, fail).

Friday: 4 miles, 33 minutes, with a friend. It was so short it felt silly but in a great way. And I had tacos for dinner at a new place. Good day.

Saturday night fortune cookie. A couple of marathon PRs would be a delightful gift.

Saturday:12 miles, 87 minutes. Last workout of the cycle with 8 miles at marathon pace, but the MP was “blind” — no watch feedback. Run by feel.

After Thursday’s meh run, I was hoping to get some confidence back on this one. And I nailed it. 6:55 average pace and 155 average HR. The first mile was a little slow (and has a big uphill), but after that I settled in nicely. Good time to practice my mantras for race day, too.

Sunday: 6 miles, 49 minutes. Slept in, then discovered it was 68* and humid, sweated my face off. Finished listening to part 1 of the Jimmy Smith interview on the “Finding Mastery” podcast.

Pre-race reflection post coming later this week.

Totals: 54 miles, 1 Pilates class taught. (54 miles, lol, coach that is not a taper!)

Started running in my early 20s and ended up running my first marathon 15 months later. Managed to break 3 hours in my 12th marathon. Pilates instructor passionate about the importance of your powerhouse in running and the mind/body connection. One husband, zero kids, mama to one Australian Shepherd.

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