Chicory’s 6/24 to 7/14 Training Logs

After a training log hiatus, I’m going to jump back in this season. Hopefully, anyway. Starting with a pretty light log of the two three weeks post-Grandma’s Marathon. The irony is real, guys. I wrote two weeks of logs last Saturday and then was going to post on Sunday after I worked out … and then never posted. *face palm* But, it’s okay because this really my last down week so we’ll put ‘em all together!

Surprise, I did not run the day after the marathon. I had an early flight out of Duluth and left the hotel around 5 a.m. which sucked but I was home by 1 p.m. and all the afternoon fights were cancelled/delayed because of weather. (My friend had to rent a car and drive 8.5 hours home, another friend slept in O’Hare.) Got lunch with the hubs and dog and ran some errands, took Morgan on a longer walk.

For the two weeks after the race, Coach told me to do as little as I could stand to do. Literally his instructions were to run as close to zero miles as possible. I ran 6. That’s close, right?

6/24-6/30 — plan calls for 0-12 miles, did 6. 

  • This was dinner the day after Grandma’s.

    Monday – walked 2.5-3 miles with Morgan and did 20 minutes of Jasyoga.

  • Tuesday – walked a couple miles with Morgan.
  • Wednesday – got a massage! More walking. Taught Pilates.
  • Thursday – more walking, more Pilates. Thought about running but didn’t.
  • Friday – 3 miles quicker than I would’ve guessed with a friend in the morning.
  • Saturday – more walking.
  • Sunday – 3 miles super easy on trails with a friend, 29 minutes of Jasyoga (Booty Lock Mitigation)

7/1-7/7 — 9-15 miles as I want, did 10.

  • Monday – walking and 20 minutes Jasyoga (Hip Strength & Stability plus 5 minute Hamstring Reset)
  • Tuesday – 3.25 mi easy solo from home in the morning. Dewpoint has been hanging around 70, it’s like running in warm soup. Can I go back to Minnesota? 20 min Jasyoga — Preventative Medicine for Lower Legs and Feet plus Hamstring Reset
  • Wednesday – walking and teaching Pilates (incorporated some Jasyoga for the Jasyoga July challenge!)
  • Thursday – 4 mi easy. My plan was to do 3 miles and finish at a coffee shop and walk home but they were closed for the holiday so I ran the extra mile. Explored a creek and trail near our house with Mo.
  • Friday – walking and a yoga class.
  • Saturday – 3 mi easy trail run, ate a bug and got several facefuls of spider webs. Regretted not wearing my trail shoes.
  • Sunday – Slept about 9 hours and walked with the dog.

7/8-7/14: 25 miles

George’s before and after pics.

Structure is back but still low and easy miles and lots of off days.

  • Monday – Supposed to be 4 easy but went with RM and ended up with 5 moderate, felt good to get moving a little quicker. Early morning run, subbed Pilates in the evening. Had a great call with my coach to plan for fall and I’m feeling excited about the training ahead!
  • Tuesday – 6 miles moderate in the evening, about the same pace/effort as Monday, treadmill watching So You Think You Can Dance. Jasyoga Hammy Time.
  • Wednesday – No running, taught Pilates in the evening.
  • Thursday – Slept in instead of running, had decided to take the day off and push the run to Friday (optional off day), but got home and decided to run. 6 miles moderate in the evening, treadmill watching Big Little Lies (no spoilers, I’m in season 1).
  • Friday – Rest day, dog walking only.
  • Saturday – 8 miles moderate with SH, hilly, felt good, minimal stoppage time. PIG ROAST ALL DAY after that. We roasted a whole pig in a pit and had 50-70 people over. 17 weeks until Indy Monumental.
  • Sunday – No running, strength and Jasyoga Sunday Reset.

Started running in my early 20s and ended up running my first marathon 15 months later. Managed to break 3 hours in my 12th marathon. Pilates instructor passionate about the importance of your powerhouse in running and the mind/body connection. One husband, zero kids, mama to one Australian Shepherd.

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