Cayenne’s Training Log 8.13.17

Marathon Training Week 10

Monday: Run

10 easy miles (8:17)

Tuesday: Tempo

8 miles (7:18), 2 mile cool down (8:14)

This was a 10 mile run with 3 miles at half marathon pace. The breakdown was: 2 mile warm up, 3 miles at goal half marathon pace (6:38), 3 miles steady (7:30), followed by a 2 mile cool down.  I ran with the bf and had a hard time maintaining just 3 flat pace miles, thinking to myself that I had to do 13 of them on a hillier course.  I just hoped that, come race day, magic would happen with fresh legs and adrenaline.

Wednesday: Run

8.55 miles (7:55)

Plus running to and from the car-I will call it 9.

Thursday: Off

I took an off day from running to rest for the half marathon.

light arms, abs, legs

Friday: Easy run

3.3 miles (8:04)

Saturday: Long run

1.2 mile warm up plus strides, half marathon in 1:27:37, 1.2 mile cool down

This race went as planned and I was happy with it.  I was pretty sure I would not all-time PR.  I ran it last year so I knew that it had some hills and that the distance was over 13.2 miles.  I was still around 2 minutes faster so I am hoping that means I improved.  It was cooler this year, which also could have had something to do with the improvement.  As always in Akron, Ohio, there is no even pacing-there is only surviving the uphills and banking time on the downhills!   I averaged my goal pace of 6:38 for 13.23 miles, 6:42 by official time.  Splits were: 6:32, 6:33, 6:34, 6:39, 6:38, 6:49, 6:32, 6:41, 6:48, 6:36, 6:52, 6:32, 6:33, 5:28.

Sunday: Recovery run

8 miles (8:14)

Total Miles: 56

I took a mileage drop back week to reset and somewhat rest for the half marathon.  I hit my goal of sub-1:29 on this course and my watch had my exact goal pace of 6:38 per mile.  I had planned on trying for sub-1:26 on my next one but I now have a scheduling conflict with my first passion: a musical opportunity.  I will most likely not be able to make it to my planned flat half marathon in a few weeks.  I will try to find something else to race.  I feel like I am in decent enough shape to PR on a flat half course but I won’t be after some post-marathon time off!

I am a dedicated runner and classical musician. I am currently chasing a sub-3 hour marathon (3:00:38 PR). I often feel like the underdog going up against "serious" runners-I took up running after college, I do not have a typical "runner's body type", and I am mostly self-coached. I travel a lot to perform with different orchestras and run when I can, where I can. I love to (over) eat and that is my number one motivation for running! Follow me as I chase my goals!

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